At HHAeXchange, our Core Values of Commitment, Confidence, Compassion, and Character guide our employees both inside and outside of work. Now more than ever, it is critical that we demonstrate our value of Compassion.

The attacks on Ukraine and its people are attacks on humanity.

HHAeXchange celebrates all cultures and communities, and we firmly believe that we are stronger when we support one and other.

We wish our employees and contractors from Ukraine, and everyone with connections to Ukraine, safety and peace. We are actively monitoring the situation and will continue to make their well-being our priority.

In efforts to provide relief for Ukrainians impacted by war, HHAeXchange has donated to the International Rescue Committee.

Several HHAeXchange employees have also made meaningful donations to charities in support of Ukraine. HHAeXchange’s Senior Director of Corporate Enablement, Leah Levitte, shares why she donated here:

“The violence and destruction happening right now in Ukraine is devastating. I can’t imagine living my normal life one day and then hiding in a makeshift subway bunker the next. The Ukrainian people and those who are providing aid to refugees need support from the international community. Right now, millions of people are being displaced from their homes and are very possibly worried about when they’ll eat their next meal. World Central Kitchen (WCK), is a non-profit organization that is providing warm meals to refugees in bordering countries and partnering with restaurants within Ukraine. WCK was providing meals almost immediately after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The speed at which they are able to help and provide meaningful assistance to thousands of people is inspiring and is exactly why I choose to donate to WCK.”

If you are looking for ways to support Ukraine, please consider the following reputable organizations:

International Rescue Committee: Helping displaced families with food, medical care, and emergency supplies – Crisis in Ukraine: Donate Now | International Rescue Committee.

World Central Kitchen: Providing food to those in need – Donate to World Central Kitchen (

HHAeXchange stands with Ukraine. Through our support and charitable donations, we hope to influence safety and stability across Europe.