Interview with Charles Blumstein

Chief Executive Officer, Edison Home Health Care

Edison Home Health Care is dedicated to providing quality, personalized in homecare services to New York’s elderly seniors and disabled.

Why did Edison Home Health Care choose HHAeXchange? What challenges were you looking to solve for?

We started our business with HHAeXchange, and we’ve been using the platform for close to 12 years now.

Before partnering with HHAeXchange, the biggest challenge we faced was determining how to effectively run a business with so many different components. In addition to managing a tremendous payroll with thousands of individualized visits, we’d be working to ensure full compliance, caregiver check ins and outs, plan of care, and access to patient and aid profiles in real time.

We needed software that addressed each and every need, and we found that in HHAeXchange. Where other software fell short, HHAeXchange came in with a fully-fledged, allencompassing program that did it all. There’s no other safe way to run such an intricate business.

How many patients were you serving when you first started with HHAeXchange, and how many are you serving now?

We started with about five patients. Currently, we serve over 4,500 patients in New York.

How did HHAeXchange help you grow your agency?

HHAeXchange has helped us scale to over 4,500 patients in a compliant, healthy, and organized fashion.

In homecare, if you don’t have your finger on the pulse when it comes to compliance, EVV, payroll, and billing, if you don’t have every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed, you just can’t provide the best care for your patients.

HHAeXchange puts the care in homecare. They care about what we do and how we do it. They care that it’s done in the simplest and most efficient way. When you’re running a business – especially one where you have so many lives on your hands and so many responsibilities – if you can have someone looking from a bird’s eye view, and saying, how can we make this agency’s life easier? How can we make sure that they do a better job? How can we make sure that they scale appropriately? To me, it’s a beautiful thing.

I could not imagine running an agency of our size with anything other than HHAeXchange.

What’s your favorite feature or functionality on the HHAeXchange platform?

I love the all-in-one aspect of the platform. The fact that I have software that connects all of our departments, and the individuals working in every department from Case Coordination, to Authorizations, to EVV, to Intake, to Nursing is incredible. HHAeXchange is able to collect data being utilized by every department and ensure patients are getting the care they need. It really helps us put the patient first.

HHAeXchange has contributed to our growth in so many ways. Over the years we’ve expanded to other locations including Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Nassau County, and Yonkers.

Thanks to HHAeXchange, our administrator has the ability to look at the patients’ data in any location and view the schedules, ensure there are no missed visits, and report back right away. To me, that’s a lifesaver.

A homecare agency without HHAeXchange is like a soda machine without soda. You have all the pieces, you just can’t do anything.

What makes HHAeXchange different from other software companies you’ve worked with?

HHAeXchange has taken the time to learn from the industry, to find our pain points and to address them. When the Department of Health (DOH) comes up with a new policy, I know I can turn to HHAeXchange and before I can say “help us,” they’re already on it.

HHAeXchange is so big and robust. With most big companies, if you’re trying to get in touch with their Customer Service and you have a suggestion, they won’t take it. But with
HHAeXchange, if you have an idea for how to improve the process, they’re on it. They’re not going to just say no.

This company is really one with the industry. They get the industry. It was born out of the industry, for the industry.

As the industry is changing, as the industry needs more, HHAeXchange is right there with you.

Would you attribute any of your agency’s current success to HHAeXchange?

Without HHAeXchange, our success would not have come with the proper infrastructure and scalability, no matter how hard we worked.

Going to sleep at night, we have the responsibility of thousands of lives on our heads. It’s a tremendous undertaking, a tremendous responsibility, and it’s not always fun dealing with that stress. But knowing that we have phenomenal staff that are monitoring a phenomenal system, that gives me the comfort to know that every aide is where they’re supposed to be, and every patient has the aide they’re supposed to have. If something really serious happens, there’s automatic alerts. Even if it’s the middle of the night or early morning or on a holiday, we have the ability to pinpoint the problem right away with HHAeXchange.

Would you recommend HHAeXchange to others? Why or why not?

I would recommend HHAeXchange to anyone and everyone who’s looking to operate a homecare business. Why? Because there’s no other way to operate your business efficiently. There’s no better partner. I don’t look at HHAeXchange as a software that we bought out of the box; I look at HHAeXchange as a partner in my business.

My growth is their concern, my compliance is their concern, my ability to efficiently operate is their concern. If you want to open a homecare agency and you want to grow and you want to do it right, HHAeXchange is your answer.