Doral provides comprehensive medical care under one roof, including dialysis, multi-specialty medical services, infusion services, social adult day care, pharmaceutical services, ambulatory surgery, urgent medical care, and prevention & wellness programs.

Overview & Key Features

Doral makes medical services easily available for homebound members in a way that is both convenient and real-time. Their solutions help homecare providers maximize and report Value-Based outcomes. As health plans continue to put an emphasis on Value-Based measures, homecare providers face consequences for any non-compliance with medical orders; this could result in decreased payments to providers and DOH penalties.  

Doral’s Health Information Exchange solution helps homecare providers prevent non-compliance by providing real-time monitoring of all emergency room and hospital admissions, which Health Plans use as a quality metric.  

Having insights into hospital activity allows Doral to offer Transitional Care Management assessments when members are back home to ensure that comprehensive updated care plans and medication ordering are implemented. This leads to improving member outcomes and preventing hospital readmissions.  

Reasons to Integrate with Doral Healthcare 

  • Provide Better Care: Provide Caregivers and Care Managers real time readings of patient Remote Patient Monitoring devices using schedules in HHAeXchange. The caregiver will receive clinical interventions based on readings on their cell phone to advise what interventions to consider for the patient. 
  • Increase Compliance: Ensure compliance of caregiver medical orders by giving homecare agencies access to our robust network of health screening providers who can see patients in their own homes. This includes blood and drug testing.  The completed medical orders pull and push data in HHAeXchange without requiring manual updates.  
  • Improve Value-Based Metrics: With Doral, you can maintain a healthier member while being focused on the metrics the health plans require. Remote Patient Monitoring improves outcomes by preventing hospital readmittance. Additionally, Health Plans use Value-Based metrics to rate homecare providers on the level of care provided and financially compensate accordingly.  
  • Reduce Manual Activities: Remain compliant by reminding caregivers of an upcoming due date for medicals. Doral uses data from HHAeXchange—when an upcoming due date for medicals approaches, employees receive reminder text messages. Once the medical service is complete, the data is automatically pushed and updated into HHAeXchange, eliminating the need for manual maintenance.