Remote Focus helps redesign how you approach homecare service delivery, by incorporating clinically sound support and service without the heavy lift on your side. We focus on closing patient clinical gaps and addressing preventative and avoidable hospitalizations (PAH). Remote Focus is truly a partner to your agency.

Overview and Key Features

Remote Focus provides a no cost “white Glove” Chronic Care Management Patient Safety Solution that partners with Homecare and Consumer Direct/CDPAP/CDS agencies to ensure patients have a clinical safety net to control their chronic conditions and assist with their healthcare needs. Remote Focus acts as an extension of your clinical team to help foster better clinical outcomes and reduce hospitalization. Remote Focus empowers homecare providers with a true way to impact their Value Based Incentives and their patient’s quality of life.  

  • Access to Real Time Clinical Information and Interventions via our Agency Provider Portal
  • Screening & Closing of Care Gaps
  • Referrals to Specialists
  • Patient Engagement in Social Activities
  • Medication Management
  • DME Acquisition Assistance (Canes etc)
  • Track Patient Progress via digital tools (RPM)
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction & Retention 

Remote Focus provides the ability for Homecare/Consumer Direct Agencies to provide their patients with a no cost patient safety program that leverages technology and Chronic Care Management to 

  • Reduce hospitalizations,
  • Increase Value -Based Care scores/service 
  • Increase patient satisfaction. 

Remote Focus never replaces the patient’s PCP but acts as a safety net between physician visits. We provide the ability for homecare providers to get current clinical data, identify real life patient needs and have a team of clinicians and care managers to lean on.  

Why Consider Remote Focus as a Partner? 

In an environment that is focusing more and more on clinical measurements and outcome, Remote Focus is the perfect partner to help agencies address the new clinical requirements. Remote Focus team grew inside the homecare market and understands the complexities of your agency to become a true partner.  

Gap Visit Care 

  • Increases patient compliance with provider recommendations between their office visits
  • Increases the focus of the patient on their general health and wellness
  • Increases Agency’s visibility into patients’ health status

Preventative care 

  • Increases patient compliance with recommended preventative care measures, such as Medication Adherence, Lifestyle & Nutrition choices 
  • Increases ability to catch new health concerns and complications faster and sooner
  • Increases Agency’s compliance with quality measures

Remote care 

  • Increases the simplicity of access to HealthCare resources
  • Tackles the barriers for continued engagement
  • Frees up Agency staff to focus on scheduling etc.  and alerts staff on patients’ wellbeing.