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Michigan Homecare Software

The State-Sponsored EVV Vendor in Michigan 

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MHDDS) has chosen HHAeXchange to help Michigan homecare providers with the following: 

  • Comply with state and federal Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) laws
  • Simplify your agency’s workflows 
  • Stay compliant while using your preferred EVV method: Telephony/landline or GPS-enabled mobile devices  


Sofia Yagudaev
Administrator, Boulevard Home Care

Comparing HHAeXchange Features

Electronic Visit Verification
  • Real-Time Clock-in / Clock Out Dashboard 
  • Telephony in English (Spanish/Arabic as Requested)  
  • Caregiver Mobile App in 20+ Languages  
  • Electronic Timesheet Entry 
  • Patient Management for Linked Payers Only  
  • Case & Schedule Coordination  
  • Plan of Care Documentation  
  • Pre-Billing Claims Scrubbing 
  • Claim Creation for EVV Required Service 
  • Visit Confirmation Compliance  
  • Plan of Care 
  • Select EVV Reports

Enterprise Platform

*Standardized features in the EVV State-Sponsored Portal, plus enhanced features and personalization for an additional cost

  • FOB Device Available  
  • Caregiver Availability / Skillset Matching 
  • Caregiver Mobile Case Broadcasting  
  • Real-Time Caregiver Communication
  • Claim Creation for Non-EVV Services  
  • Private Pay  
  • Accounts Receivable  
  • Collections Management 
  • Caregiver Exclusion List Checking  
  • Caregiver Medical / Training Compliance  
  • Emergency Preparedness 
Human Resources
  • Payroll Export  
  • Overtime Management  
  • PTO / Holiday Tracking  
  • Travel Time / Expense Management  
Value-Based Care 
  • Real-Time Observations  
  • Patient Risk Alerting  
  • Customizable Clinical Documentation / Assessments*  
  • On-Demand Reporting

Why are Michigan Providers Choosing
HHAeXchange Enterprise?

Caregiver Communication

  • Real-time communication with caregivers: Ensure timely updates and quick response to patient needs, enhancing care quality
  • Two-way chat communication: Mobile chat reduces miscommunication and errors between staff and caregivers
  • Messaging system and groups: Coordinate efforts among teams, improving service delivery and collaboration

Billing and Financial Management

  • Payroll export and custom payroll export: Streamlines payroll processes to fit your agency’s needs
  • Pre-billing review and corrections for claims: Ensures accuracy before submission, reducing the risk of claim rejections and improving cash flow
  • Electronic billing and collections management:Transitioning to electronic systems increases efficiency, reduces paperwork, and speeds up payment cycles

Scheduling and Task Management

  • Caregiver scheduling options: Optimizes staff allocation to patients without overburdening caregivers
  • Customizable tasks and duties in the plan of care: Provides clearer guidelines, further improving care quality and consistency with additional flexibility when planning care tasks
  • Case broadcasting and worklist tracking: Fill shifts and tasks promptly to meet client needs

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

  • GPS tracking and directions: Ensures caregivers reach clients efficiently, verifying visit locations for accuracy and compliance
  • Caregivers clocking in/out near the client’s home: Provides accurate records of visit times for compliance and billing
  • Telephony and mobile app with offline capabilities: Ensures uninterrupted service tracking, even without internet access

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