Between managing clients and caregivers, complying with the latest regulations, and ensuring quality care, most homecare providers may not treat growth as a top priority – but that’s not to say it isn’t a main goal.

The idea of putting in the work to grow one’s business often seems so overwhelming that most providers hesitate to even start. The (surprisingly) good news? Growth is not an overnight project – it’s a gradual process. By committing to growth and taking small steps each day in pursuit of their goals, providers can make drastic changes to their business.

#1 – Define your growth strategy.

Without a strategy, you don’t have a plan. Without a plan, your vision for success and how you’ll get there can become fuzzy. Taking the time to outline your objectives, necessary resources, and the specific actions needed will help clear mental clutter and narrow your focus to what matters most.

#2 – Determine what your agency does best – and let it be known.

To stand out against the competition, you need to find your edge. Perhaps your agency is most respected for the quality of your caregivers, or maybe there’s a certain category you specialize in, such as mental health support or dementia care. Whatever makes your agency unique, say it proudly – on social media, your website, display signs, and other marketing materials.

#3 – Strengthen your recruitment and retention efforts.

While the caregiver shortage has made finding caregivers more difficult, it’s not impossible. If your current recruitment strategy isn’t working, change it up. Targeted online ads, staff referral incentives, re-engaging past employees, virtual interviewing, and flexible training processes are all potential solutions.

Finding caregivers is one challenge; keeping them is another. Building a culture of safety, appreciation, and support will encourage caregivers to stay for the long term. Show your caregivers that you value them by rewarding them monetarily for a job well done, investing in their training, and taking their career advancement seriously.

#4 – Enhance your onboarding program.

Building and executing a strong onboarding program takes time and effort, but the benefits make it worthwhile. A well-constructed orientation will encourage new employees to see your agency in a positive light. When caregivers feel good about the company they’re working for, they’re more likely to want to do a good job – and keep at it!

#5 – Embrace social media.

When used thoughtfully and consistently, social media can be a valuable, cost-effective tool for marketing and growing your business. You don’t need to be a social media guru to see results. You can make an impact simply by building a calendar of content and being strategic in your posting efforts.

#6 – Automate scheduling with innovative tools.

Manual, disjointed, and outdated scheduling methods put stress on your schedulers and steal time from more productive and meaningful tasks. Implementing software like HHAeXchange enables you to easily create and manage patient schedules based on authorizations and plans of care. HHAeXchange also allows you to instantly broadcast open cases to all available caregivers to fill shifts within minutes, and optimize caregiver-patient matching based on availability, location, patient needs, or special requests.

#7 – Take control of your reviews.

Did you know that 94% of consumers say that a bad review has convinced them to avoid a business? Bad reviews can sting, but it is your job as a business owner to respond maturely and as constructively as possible. Thank the person for their review, offer a sincere apology, take responsibility for what happened, and do what you can to make things right.

#8 – Streamline your billing and payroll practices.

As is the case with other time-consuming processes like scheduling, your billing and payroll systems could be holding you back. Fortunately, innovative technology can get you on track.

With an automated one-step invoicing system like HHAeXchange, providers can: better coordinate payments and manage split billing; guarantee receipt of electronic remittances; customize invoice templates based on payer; accurately calculate payroll hours by caregiver; and improve communication with accounting packages and payroll companies.

#9 – Roll with the changes.

Experienced agency owners know that to succeed in homecare, you must expect the unexpected. Homecare is a dynamic industry and changes happen quickly, so it’s key to develop a sense of anticipation, be flexible, and be willing to depart from your original plan to adapt and make the most of the current situation. Stay present, but don’t forget to look forward.

#10 – Invest in your caregivers’ technology.

Caregivers want to work for agencies that invest in them through technology that streamlines their work and empowers them to take control over their schedules, communication, training, and more. Equipping your caregivers with tech that makes their lives easier, not harder, can make them happier and more engaged – and lead to improved retention.

Here at HHAeXchange, our mission is to help simplify your operations, so you can focus on growing your business. Learn more.