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Engage & Empower Caregivers with HHAeXchange

Caregivers want technology that makes their lives easier – not harder.

Caregivers Are Critical Members of the Care Team

Unfortunately, most agencies today are challenged by an industry-wide caregiver shortage and sky-high turnover rates.

Turnover is costly for many reasons. Not only does it result in a loss of money and productivity, but it also negatively affects morale, causing increased stress among existing employees.

Equipping your caregivers with technology that makes their work easier, not harder, can make them happier and more engaged – and lead to improved retention.

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Why Caregivers Value the HHAeXchange Mobile App

  • Less interruption
  • More ease
  • More flexibility
  • More time focused on patients
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See how HHAeXchange can improve your caregivers’ experience.

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Why Caregivers Love HHAeXchange

Empower Your Caregivers to Play an Active Role in Their Clients’ Health

HHAeXchange’s Care Insights tool makes it easy for caregivers to observe and report changes in patient condition. Agencies are alerted to changes, so you can take action before a condition worsens – and avoid costly ER visits and readmissions.

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Caregiver Management Resources

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More Mobile App Benefits

With the HHAeXchange mobile app, caregivers can accept new cases and pick up extra cases directly from your agency, with matching based on location, skills, and more.

Show Your Caregivers That You Care

Caregivers want to work for an agency that invests in them through technology that makes their work easier and empowers them to take control over their schedules, communication, training, and more.

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Ready to improve your caregivers' experience?