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Get to the heart of your business with easy-to-understand interactive dashboards that support your mission by documenting trends in EVV compliance and operations. HHAeXchange Insights uses the power of Business Intelligence to unlock the data you already have, so you can make better decisions for the future.

Business Intelligence Dashboards for Homecare Agencies

What is Your Data Telling You?

When you run a homecare agency, your main concern is providing supportive care that impacts people’s lives. Nevertheless, it’s vital to have important operational metrics—like EVV compliance, revenue performance and staffing optimization—at your fingertips.

EVV Compliance

Where does your agency stand on EVV compliance? Find out which caregivers may need more coaching and support.

Billing & Payroll

See trends in staffing levels, overtime, and reimbursement rates. Optimize your financial performance.

Operations & Authorizations

Retain caregivers by ensuring schedules are optimized and aligned with patient authorizations

Hear From Our Clients

With HHAeXchange, we get streamlined reports that give us real insight into our business and help us take action on what will make the biggest impact.

James Rolla
LMSW, VNS Health Personal Care 

The reporting tools in HHAeXchange have been a huge time saver. You can literally see where your agency is moving or where there is a problem, what needs action. That precious time can then be spent on fixing this problem rather than analyzing and finding it.

Katerina Kovalenko
General Manager, Countrywide Home Care

The Business Intelligence dashboards give a great at-a-glance snapshot every day. These are the metrics our team is looking for and we are over the moon!

Kelly Harned,
VP Administration, Personal Care, VNS Health


Dive Into Your EVV Data

Electronic Visit Verification, or EVV, is a technology solution to verify that home services are performed. Now that many state Medicaid programs mandate EVV compliance, homecare agencies with the HHAeXchange platform can monitor EVV metrics such as missed visits or late starts and quickly act on areas of concern.  Dashboards allow you to dig deeper to compare EVV performance between local branches, offices, and teams.

The EVV Compliance Dashboard

Understand the factors that contribute to your EVV performance. Which offices or locations are falling behind? How many caregivers had late check-ins? Dig into the data to find out more.

Quick and Easy Reporting

We make it fast to pinpoint the most important operational data for homecare agencies.

Set EVV Compliance Targets

Benchmark your EVV compliance performance against customizable targets.

Better Health for Your Business

By knowing more about how your agency is performing, you can run smarter and faster.

Using HHAeXchange, customers like United HomeCare have boosted their EVV Compliance from 24% to 87% in just 30 days


HHAeXchange Insights Dashboards make it easy to monitor your agency’s financial vital signs. Intuitive dashboards allow you to view weekly, quarterly or yearly revenue performance reports. Understand staffing levels and schedules to minimize overtime costs, while also ensuring adequate coverage and productivity.

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Reduce Caregiver Churn

One of the most challenging aspects of running a homecare agency is balancing Medicaid authorization deadlines with the need to optimize caregiver’s schedules. This dashboard lets you stay on top of expiring authorizations and uncover under-utilized caregivers.

Optimize Caregiver Schedules

Offer caregivers a full schedule while having visibility into their time constraints.

Find Expiring Authorizations

Drill into authorizations that are expiring soon to help avoid care gaps.

See Better Care Outcomes

Happier caregivers and fewer gaps in homecare services will help improve your quality of care.

Insights Dashboards Features

Pivot Data

Dashboard reports let you pivot on different dimensions to see additional metrics. For instance, you can see agency revenue by patient or by coordinator.

Set Targets and Criteria

Set your agency target for EVV compliance and track progress against your goal. Define your own criteria for how many days in advance to begin tracking expiring authorizations.

Plug Into Partner Connect

HHAeXchange partners with leading technology vendors that power today’s homecare agencies. From eLearning and Quickpay, to Care Intelligence and Health Screening, HHAeXchange’s Partner Connect program empowers you to enhance every aspect of your operations.

HHAeXchange Partner Connect

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