Billing & Payroll

Homecare Agency Financial Management Made Easier

Managing the financial aspects of a homecare agency can be complex and time-consuming. You’re not in the accounting business; you’re in the homecare business. At HHAeXchange, we provide an all-in-one solution designed to simplify and streamline the billing and payroll processes, so you can focus on delivering exceptional care.

Streamline Billing and Payroll

Efficient and compliant claims and payroll processing are crucial for the success of any homecare agency. HHAeXchange helps to reduce manual processes and accelerate claim cycles, ensuring your agency operates smoothly and remains financially stable.

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Embrace Efficiency

HHAeXchange streamlines billing and payroll processes with a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use solution directly connected to payers.

Healthcare Compliance

Gain Compliance Confidence

Compliance is key. Without a thorough compliance review of every homecare visit, claims are often delayed or denied.

Get Predictable Revenue

HHAeXchange makes it easier for agencies to embrace Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) best practices for financial stability and growth.

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Hear from Our Clients

Having HHAeXchange do these things automatically for us is just amazing. Now we look back and the amount of work that we put into doing all of those tasks before was tremendous. HHAeXchange has made a huge difference to our staff.

Penny Fore

Vice President of Home Care Services, Ability 360

Optimize Billing for Reliable Returns

With validated EVV, you’re more than halfway to reliable claims processing. HHAeXchange connects the dots between providers and payers for efficient, accurate, and fast claim submission and payment.

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HHAeXchange ensures up front that scheduled visits are fully compliant with payer requirements. After visits, EVV data automatically appears in HHAeXchange.

Pre-Billing Scrub

Our automated  pre-billing function flags any possible claim issues so you can fix them before HHAeXchange generates and securely sends the 837 claim file to the payer.

Recognizing Revenue

Once the 835 is received, HHAeXchange matches it against the 837, reconciling claims and allowing you to work through denials and AR. Easily run reports on any revenue, payment, and adjustment data.

With HHAeXchange, providers have achieved a 99.9% first-pass acceptance rate and significantly reduced payroll processing time.

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Spend Less Time Processing Payroll

Collecting paper timesheets, validating visits, and relyling on wonky spreadsheets? Countless hours of manual effort can lead to payroll delays and errors. Automate time-consuming payroll workflows with HHAeXchange.

EVV Validation

It all starts with EVV. The data from every caregiver visit flows into HHAeXchange – no time sheets or manual data entry required.  Missed or late visits are flagged.

Cleaner Data, Faster Pay

HHAeXchange automatically verifies that each caregiver EVV visit matches the contract, authorization, and plan of care. Your data is now squeaky clean.

Integrated with Payroll Vendors

Based on the verified visit and EVV data, HHAeXchange generates the payroll file to be exported to your payroll system such as ADP.

Revenue Cycle Management

Take control of your agency’s financial future by embracing EVV and automation for complete visibility into revenue, claims, billing and collections.

  • Robust compliance safety nets at every stage of the revenue cycle
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards to monitor EVV compliance, revenue performance, and staffing optimization
  • Seamless API-level integrations with payroll, e-learning, and CRM vendors

What if you could complete your payroll process in minutes, not hours?