Process Homecare Payroll in Hours—Not Days

Between collecting paper timesheets, validating visits, and ensuring claims are compliant, providers often spend countless hours on time-consuming and manual payroll and billing tasks.

HHAeXchange streamlines the process for homecare agencies with a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use solution that reduces denials and increases cash flow.

Process Payroll Quickly & Easily


Homecare Payroll & Billing Is Manual, Complex, and Time-Consuming

Collecting Paper Timesheets

Ensuring Claims Are Compliant

Validating Visits



All the above processes can be a recipe for error-prone submissions to payers. Without the right solution to connect the dots between payers and providers, processes not only slow down, but can result in denials and negatively impact cash flow.


Start by Connecting Dots Between Payers and Providers

Using HHAeXchange, payers and providers are directly connected for real-time communications. Payers can securely and electronically send a participant’s information to providers so providers can quickly schedule the right caregiver for the participant.

Here’s How It Works

  1. As soon as a caregiver clocks in and clocks out with EVV, that data appears in HHAeXchange, allowing schedulers to manage any exceptions, like missed or late visits.
  2. After these exceptions are cleared, HHAeXchange’s pre-billing function will automatically verify that the visit matched the contract, authorization, and plan of care.
  3. Once this pre-billing process is complete, providers can perform a final billing review to resolve any remaining contractual issues with the visits.
  4. HHAeXchange will then generate the 837 claim file to be sent electronically to payers in their preferred format.
  5. Based on the verified visit and EVV data, HHAeXchange will generate the payroll file to be exported to your payroll system.
  6. Once the 835 is received, HHAeXchange will match it against the 837, automatically reconciling claims and allowing you to work denials and AR.


Achieve Compliance, Get Paid

HHAeXchange’s pre-billing module is a real-time, rules-based engine that ensures providers submit 100% compliant, clean claims. The module prevents providers from submitting claims that do not pass all of the pre-bill edits. As a result, caregivers and patients can also gain insight into the non-compliant status of a service visit.

With HHAeXchange, providers have achieved a 99.9% first-pass acceptance rate and significantly reduced payroll processing time.

Billing and Payroll Features

Pre-bill Cleansing to Ensure Claims Can be Paid

Direct eBilling (837)

eRemittance (835), 999 and 277CA Acknowledgements

Streamlined Payroll, Payment Collections, and Accounts Receivable

See how HHAeXchange can work for you.