Successfully Manage Homecare Services and Improve Member Outcomes


Successfully Manage Homecare Services and Improve Member Outcomes

HHAeXchange gives MCOs and duals plans a new level of visibility and control over homecare operations.

Remove Barriers for Seamless Connectivity

HHAeXchange helps managed care organizations (MCOs) overcome barriers created by disparate, outdated technology with one platform that seamlessly connects the entire homecare ecosystem.

Our software exceeds the requirements for 21st Century Cures Act compliance by helping MCOs and state Medicaid programs improve workflows and access comprehensive insights. This enables better management of provider network performance and a higher quality of member care.

HHAeXchange’s solutions are designed to support caregivers in delivering better outcomes. This includes convenient, flexible technology for:

  • Agency caregivers of Personal Care Services (PCS)
  • Skilled providers of Home Health Care Services (HHCS)
  • Direct care workers for Self-Directed services

Manage Your Entire Homecare Network

HHAeXchange seamlessly connects payers and providers across the homecare ecosystem, allowing for aggregation of all visit data, regardless of providers’ EVV tools.

  • Centralize payer and provider collaboration
  • Effectively broadcast cases
  • Pay claims with confidence
  • Make informed decisions with a comprehensive intelligence tool

Empower Value-Based Initiatives with Actionable Insights

Care Insights

  • Leverages caregivers’ frequent engagement with members to capture changes in condition and SDOH risk factors
  • Improves care quality through early identification
  • Enhances case-management workflows for high-priority intervention

Quality Insights

  • Enables payers to easily share quality care needs of individual members with providers
  • Prompts providers to close care gaps in a timely manner
  • Improves outcomes with proactive care intervention
  • Supports payment incentives to providers

Access Key Visit Data Across Markets

HHAeXchange’s EVV Aggregator for National MCOs captures visit data for both PCS and HHCS while maintaining a provider-friendly approach.

HHAeXchange State Clients

Alabama State Aggregator


Illinois State Aggregrator


Michegan State Aggregator


Minnesota State Aggregator


Mississippi State Aggregator


New Jersey State Aggregator

New Jersey

Texas EVV Homecare


West Virginia State Aggregator

West Virginia

CMS Certification Awarded to HHAeXchange

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) granted certification of the HHAeXchange EVV system as the EVV Aggregator for the State of New Jersey and the State of West Virginia.

Comprehensive Homecare Management

As an industry-leading provider of homecare management solutions, HHAeXchange continually works with MCOs and state Medicaid programs to meet evolving industry needs.

HHAeXchange serves as the state aggregator in several states and helps dozens of MCOs manage billions of dollars in Medicaid claims while achieving a high level of oversight, transparency, and efficiency.

Your Trusted Industry Partner

On an annual basis, HHAeXchange confirms more than 136 million visits and bills nearly 18.5 billion in Medicaid claims for more than 6,300 homecare agencies.

HHAeXchange partners with payers assisting members with homecare services, including:

Why MCOs Choose to Work With HHAeXchange

“With the push of a button, the entire [Case Broadcasting] process happens behind the scenes almost instantly, enabling us to drastically improve the speed at which a new case is placed, and care is delivered. It virtually eliminated unplaced cases overnight.

Salvatore Bastardi
VP Corporate Support, VNS Health

It was important to New Jersey that we implement EVV in compliance with federal requirements, and that we do so with a strong and enthusiastic stakeholder process. HHAeXchange worked hand-in-hand with us to achieve broad public support, timely implementation, and CMS certification.

Jennifer Langer Jacobs
Assistant Commissioner of Medical Assistance and Health Services, New Jersey Department of Human Services

Moving to Care Insights has allowed us to reduce our overall time to identify risks because we’re able to get more frequent insights into member health without the administrative burdens. Today, we average about 150 alerts (monthly), and they are all prioritized by cohort. HHAeXchange makes the process manageable so we aren’t inundated and can better handle alerts and take care of potential escalations.

Qiyan Chen
Manager of Health Services, Senior Whole Health of New York

When we receive a new case, our primary focus is on getting that patient service. With our old process, in some scenarios, a member may have had to wait two weeks to get a caregiver. With Case Broadcasting, we’ve gotten that down to two days max. We are getting them the care they need, and that they depend on, faster.

Salvatore Bastardi
VP Corporate Support, VNS Health

Are you ready to remove barriers for greater insights and improved member outcomes?