Boost Your Agency’s Efficiency

Personal Care Providers

Boost Your Agency’s Efficiency

Get the tools you need to simplify daily tasks and proactively manage your agency.

Compliance Made Easy

Staying on top of ever-changing regulations is challenging, but with HHAeXchange’s dynamic compliance tools, you can efficiently manage compliance at the caregiver, contract, and visit level.

EVV Made Flexible and Convenient

Simplify how your caregivers clock in and out through our easy-to-use EVV methods:

Ensure Compliance at Every Level

  • Confirm your caregivers meet requirements and are eligible to work with patients by running caregiver exclusion lists.
  • Utilize HR tools to ensure medical testing, background checks, training, and more are completed.

See Why Agencies Love HHAeXchange

HHAeXchange allows us to make sure that operations are smooth and efficient, and that everyone is properly supported so they can complete their responsibilities to the best of their ability.

Alexander Litman
Executive Director, Ideal Home Health

I don’t look at HHAeXchange as a software that we bought out of the box – I look at HHAeXchange as a partner in my business.

Charles Blumstein
Chief Executive Officer, Edison Home Health Care

I’ve found HHAeXchange to be very user-friendly and very easy to figure out. If you’re looking to become more efficient, there’s no reason not to use HHAeXchange.

David Strohli
Administrator, Emerest Health of New Jersey


Streamline the scheduling process with our rules-based configuration engine to save time and reduce operational costs.

Easily Coordinate Care

  • Match caregivers with participants based on location, skillset, preferences, EVV utilization, hours worked, and more to ensure participant comfort and caregiver success.
  • Quickly fill shifts with a broadcasting tool that alerts caregivers to open shifts that match their specified criteria.

Scheduling Efficiency

  • Leverage our rules-based system to alert your team to potential shift overlaps, overtime pay, vacation conflicts, and caregiver non-compliance or missed trainings.
  • Easily create and manage patient schedules based on authorizations, plans of care, and special patient needs, while validating each visit to eliminate complications at billing.

Caregiver Workforce

Retain caregivers and effectively manage the workforce with our innovative tools.

Payroll and Attendance

Recruitment and Training

  • Simplify the hiring and training processes with fully integrated application tracking and eLearning tools.
  • Ensure caregivers remain eligible for work by staying on top of in-service requirements, medical compliance, and agency trainings.

Billing and Payroll

Streamline billing and payroll with HHAeXchange to make the processes fast, accurate, and easy for your office staff.

Clean Billing for Quicker Reimbursement

  • Ensure you submit 100% compliant, clean claims with our real-time, rules-based, pre-billing module.
  • Keep track of incoming reimbursements and cashflow with a fully connected claims tracking and cash posting system.

Payroll Management

Powerful Integrations

Easily connect HHAeXchange to other complementary technologies you need to run your agency through our Partner Connect program.

Full Ecosystem Simplifies Workflows and Boosts Efficiency

  • Integrate HHAeXchange with complimentary technologies in eLearning, Quick Pay, Care Intelligence, Health Screening, and more.

Configurable Solution

  • Hand select the tools you’ll utilize to drive the highest impact for your business, all within your budget.

Ready to boost your agency’s efficiency?