Purpose-Built Technology for Providers, MCOs, and State Medicaid Programs

Enable proactive homecare and better health outcomes.


The Connected Homecare Ecosystem

HHAeXchange is the only homecare management software that seamlessly connects providers, state Medicaid programs, managed care organizations (MCOs), and caregivers through one platform. This connection breaks down barriers and enables unparalleled efficiency, communication, transparency, and compliance.

We know homecare. We know Medicaid

With decades of experience in homecare and Medicaid, we know how hard it is to stay on top of a demanding, complex industry with ever-changing rules and regulations. That’s why we keep our finger on the pulse and stay one step ahead, so you can get out of the weeds and focus on what matters most.

Technology That Drives Value-Based Care

HHAeXchange empowers caregivers to collect real-time data and record observations at the point of care. With our value-based care tools, Care Insights and Quality Insights, providers and payers can leverage caregivers’ visits to gain proactive insights and improve health outcomes.

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Hear From Our Clients

We have completely streamlined our process, experienced huge efficiency gains which are continuing to increase, and even bigger than all that, we have nearly eliminated mistakes. We have seen errors reduced by 80-90% on average. 

Polina Savich
Director of Patient Services, Jzanus Home Care, Inc.

I could not imagine my life managing a homecare agency without HHAeXchange. I 100% recommend HHAeXchange to other agencies because it makes life easier and homecare is not an easy business. HHAeXchange saves us money, is an efficient technology, and helps us be faster.

Katerina Kovalenko
General Manager, Countrywide Home Care

We’ve had great feedback on the mobile app from our caregivers. Caregivers like that it is fast and simple to clock in and out, do their plan of care – it just eliminates unnecessary paperwork. And they love being able to track their hours and visits on their own and in real-time.

Bryan Madden
General Counsel, Bryan Skilled Home Care

When we receive a new case, our primary focus is on getting that patient service. With our old process, in some scenarios, a member may have had to wait two weeks to get a caregiver. With Case Broadcasting, we’ve gotten that down to two days max. We are getting them the care they need, and that they depend on, faster.

Salvatore Bastardi
VP Corporate Support, VNS Health

I would definitely recommend HHAeXchange to other agencies. Homecare is a complex industry. You have caregivers, patients, payers, and what sets HHAeXchange apart is that it incorporates all those pieces together in one place to help you run an efficient business.

Bryan Madden
General Counsel, Bryan Skilled Home Care

HHAeXchange at Work

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A Platform That Works With You

HHAeXchange’s platform is flexible and designed to meet your needs. Our team of implementation experts will work with you to seamlessly configure the HHAeXchange system into your daily processes, so you and your staff can start seeing the benefits right away.

Integrate Every Part of Your Business

Our Partner Connect program enables our clients to directly connect their HHAeXchange platform with complementary, industry-leading solutions that drive efficiency and visibility. From eLearning and earned wage access, to care intelligence and health screening, Partner Connect enables you to enhance every aspect of your operations.

Maintain Secure Network Operations and Ensure Member Privacy

Security and privacy of member data is a critical requirement in the homecare industry. HHAeXchange has numerous security and privacy certifications, a secure software development lifecycle, and advanced auditing capabilities to ensure all critical activities and events are logged.

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