Enable Better Caregiver & Patient Experiences with the Mobile App

Agencies looking for an easy way to connect with and empower caregivers rely on modern technology. With 85% of Americans owning a smartphone, today’s workflows must be accessible from the device that’s in the palm of their hands – and constantly on the move with them.


Today’s Caregivers Are Mobile in More Ways than One

Agencies must recognize that today’s caregivers are not only mobile as owners of smartphones, but also recognize that they are physically mobile or “on-the-go.” This makes flexibility, saving time, and being able to accept cases on-the-go more critical than ever.

Relying on traditional telephony methods can be cumbersome, error-prone, and consume valuable time that could be spent with the patient.


Mobile Is a Natural Tool for Your Caregiver

We get it! Any new technology for your caregiver may appear daunting at first. Therefore the HHAeXchange approach has been around building the simplest experience for caregivers, while providing agencies a means to simplify EVV clock-in/outs, schedule and broadcast cases to caregivers, and collect valuable data to impact patient outcomes.

When agencies equip their caregivers with the HHAeXchange Mobile App, they are enabling growth, empowering caregivers, and influencing patient outcomes in the process.

HHAeXchange’s Mobile App is the only EVV solution with more than one million mobile visit verifications processed each week!


Billing and Payroll Features

  • Quickly Broadcast and Schedule Cases with Ease While Meeting Each Patient’s Caregiver Preference
  • Communicate with Caregivers in a Timely Manner with Caregiver Chat Functionality
  • Improve On-the-Go Workflows with Your Caregivers, Including Increased EVV Utilization
  • Multi-Language Support and Both Android and Apple iOS Platforms
  • Inform Caregivers of Compliance Needs

Mobile App Features

  • GPS-Enabled Location Services
  • Plan of Care Duty Tracking
  • Directions to Next Shift
  • Multi-Media Visit Notes
  • Case Broadcasting and Open Shift Request Notifications
  • Electronic Visit Verification that Meets CURES Act Requirements
  • Offline Mode Ensures EVV and Plan of Care Capture Anywhere
  • Integrated eLearning Solutions for Caregiver Training
  • Two-Way Chat with the Office
  • In-App Compliance Notifications
  • Available in 20+ Languages

See how HHAeXchange can work for you.