Empower Caregivers to Provide Better Care

With a workforce that conducts their jobs on the go, homecare agencies need a direct line to caregivers. Meet HHAeXchange+, the mobile app that drives efficiencies for agency administrators and enables a better caregiver experience.

The Next-Generation Caregiver App for EVV and Value-Based Care

Introducing new technology to caregivers can be daunting. HHAeXchange+ was built with a simple caregiver experience in mind, while providing agencies a means to simplify EVV clock-ins and clock-outs, schedule and broadcast cases to caregivers, and collect valuable data to impact member outcomes.

Healthcare Compliance

Efficient & Compliant

Simplify how caregivers clock in and out to stay compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act. On average, caregivers spend only 15 seconds clocking in and out on a mobile app compared to several minutes using traditional methods, such as a telephone landline.

Connect with Caregivers

Quickly fill open shifts with qualified caregivers, message individual caregivers directly, and communicate agency updates or new training requirements – all through the HHAeXchange+ mobile app.


Enable Better Care

Easy-to-use technology helps caregivers focus on what matters most: providing exceptional care. HHAeXchange+ quickly serves caregivers client details and plan of care tasks, so they can improve the quality of visits and member care.

Hear From Our Clients

The mobile app is definitely the way to go. First off, managing EVV via the app is so much more efficient. With caregivers using the app to clock in and clock out, combined with the GPS functionality, it makes the visit data definitive for us, and for the payer. It greatly simplifies the whole EVV process.

Bryan Madden
General Counsel, Bryan Skilled Home Care

Thanks for listening to the needs of the business and working to define a solution that meets short-term needs but also positions us for the future in keeping with standard processes and correct data.


Moving to Care Insights has allowed us to reduce our overall time to identify risks because we’re able to get more frequent insights into member health without the administrative burdens. Today, we average about 150 alerts (monthly), and they are all prioritized by cohort. HHAeXchange makes the process manageable so we aren’t inundated and can better handle alerts and take care of potential escalations.

Qiyan Chen
Manager of Health Services, Senior Whole Health of New York


Save Time and Stay Compliant

Management of some of the most crucial aspects of your homecare agency’s day-to-day operations – including scheduling and compliance – can be simplified by adopting mobile technology. With HHAeXchange+, you’ll improve on-the-go workflows with your caregivers, increasing EVV utilization and driving efficiencies for caregivers and administrators alike.

Streamline EVV Workflows

Simplify the clock-in and clock-out process for caregivers and spend less time manually reconciling EVV as an agency.

Stay on Top of Compliance ​

Increase EVV utilization with easy-to-follow, in-app workflows and notify caregivers of upcoming compliance needs.

End Scheduling Fire Drills​

Quickly fill open shifts with case broadcasting to ensure every member receives the care they need.


A Better Caregiver Mobile Experience​

Equip caregivers with technology that makes their work easier, keeping them happier and more engaged. Give caregivers control of their schedules from the palm of their hands and help them focus on the day ahead – instead of getting bogged down by administrative tasks. ​

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Fill Shifts Quickly

Quickly broadcast and schedule cases with ease while meeting each member’s caregiver preference.

Open Lines of Communication​

Support caregivers before, during, and after shifts with real-time, two-way chat with your agency.

Support a Diverse Workforce

HHAeXchange+ is available in 20+ languages on Android and Apple iOS.


Prioritize Member Care, Not Administrative Tasks

At the end of the day, you are in the business of improving member outcomes – not tracking down timesheets and monitoring checklists. HHAeXchange+ serves up the information that matters about members to your caregivers so they can have the most impactful, quality visits that allow you to act on health and environmental issues before they become problems.

Comprehensive Care Made Easy

Improve the quality of each visit with dynamic plan of care tracking directly in the mobile app.

Stay Productive Offline

Ensure top-notch care delivery and documentation, even when caregivers are in areas with limited internet service.

Achieve Better Outcomes

Empower caregivers to proactively identify and report changes in member condition or environment to reduce readmissions.

Caregiver Retention Hits the Bottom Line

In a survey conducted in 2023, HHAeXchange found that 81.5% of providers had to turn down clients due to a lack of care professionals in 2022. The agencies that are winning the caregiver recruitment and retention battle are those providing caregivers with better technology, using a rewards platform, or increasing salaries (providers paying above the 75th percentile saw a 12.6% decrease in turnover). 

Mobile App Features

GPS-Enabled Location Services

Plan of Care Duty Tracking

Directions to Next Shift

Multi-Media Visit Notes

Case Broadcasting and Open Shift Request Notifications

Electronic Visit Verification that Meets CURES Act Requirements

Offline Mode Ensures EVV and Plan of Care Capture Anywhere

Integrated eLearning Solutions for Caregiver Training

Real-Time, Two-Way Caregiver Chat

In-App Compliance Notifications

Available in 20+ Languages

View Member Details

Ready to streamline operations and better equip your caregivers?