Make Powerful Care Connections

Personal Care Providers

Make Powerful Care Connections

Improve quality of care with an easy-to-use homecare solution.

Quality of Care

Providing quality care is your top priority. We give you the technology to deliver a more personalized patient experience.

Member Satisfaction

  • Enhance the level of care provided with simplified MD orders, and POC creation and tracking — all accessible directly from the patient’s profile.
  • Patients and families have access to our Service Portal for visibility into schedules and care details (rolling out to states in 2024).

Demonstrated Value-Based Care Metrics

  • Drive value to your payers and increase referrals with demonstrated VBC metrics through our Care Insights tool.
  • Reduce hospital readmissions and ER visits with tools that empower caregivers to identify and report changes in patient condition or environment.

See Why Agencies Love HHAeXchange

When we receive a new case, our primary focus is on getting that patient service. With our old process, in some scenarios, a member may have had to wait two weeks to get a caregiver. With Case Broadcasting, we’ve gotten that down to two days max. We are getting them the care they need, and that they depend on, faster.

Salvatore Bastardi
VP Corporate Support, VNS Health

We have completely streamlined our process, experienced huge efficiency gains which are continuing to increase, and even bigger than all that, we have nearly eliminated mistakes. We have seen errors reduced by 80-90% on average. 

Polina Savich
Director of Patient Services, Jzanus Home Care, Inc.

I would definitely recommend HHAeXchange to other agencies. Homecare is a complex industry. You have caregivers, patients, payers, and what sets HHAeXchange apart is that it incorporates all those pieces together in one place to help you run an efficient business.

Bryan Madden
General Counsel, Bryan Skilled Home Care

Caregiver Experience

Improve your caregivers’ experience and job satisfaction with technology that simplifies daily tasks.

Easily Coordinate Care

Convenient Caregiver Communication

  • Through our mobile app, empower caregivers to manage their schedules, clock in and out, view plans of care, accept new cases, and communicate with agency coordinators.

Platform Usability

HHAeXchange is designed to make your and your caregivers’ day-to-day as simple as possible, so you can focus on what really matters.

Streamlined Accessibility

  • Built specifically for homecare agency management, our intuitive platform is easy to navigate.
  • With ADA compliance prioritized within the platform, we’ve ensured the solution can be used by everyone.

Mobile Application

  • Improve your caregivers’ experience on the job and increase EVV utilization with our flexible and easy-to-use mobile app.
  • Ensure our solution is working for you—even when you’re off the grid. Our offline mode ensures you have no disruptions in care or documentation.

Plan of Care Management

From patient onboarding through continued care, you need a solution that allows you to manage the plan of care (POC) while focusing on providing quality service.

Smooth Client Intake

  • Take control over your clinical workflows with a solution that flexes with your agency’s needs.
  • Manage skilled caregivers and set up patient profiles with MD orders and up-to-date medical records.

Care Delivery

  • Document care and participant risks with simplified POC tracking and management with tools that automatically match your claims service codes.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in care with simplified POC tracking and approvals in the mobile application.

Communication Tools

Identifying new business opportunities for your agency is a top driver of growth. Leverage a tool that helps you keep track of patient referrals and stand out to payers.

Quick Info-Sharing

Quality Information Documentation

  • Empower your caregivers to document visit notes—via text, voice or images—in the format that works best for the visit and participant.
  • Manage patient, caregiver, and physician information within the platform, easily accessible from required dashboards.

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