Integrated EVV Solution That Powers Your Agency Beyond 21st Century CURES Act

Electronic Visit Verification, or EVV, is a technology solution which electronically verifies that home and health aide services are performed, introducing a new level of accountability and transparency for providers and payers.



Only Focusing on the EVV Checklist Introduces Complexity

With the passing of the 21st Century CURES Act, providers have often adopted EVV as a stand-alone technology approach, to quickly and simply meet requirements. This often results in a cluttered agency environment with multiple disparate systems, making it harder for caregivers to focus on patient outcomes.

Agencies need to look beyond a checklist approach to EVV and view it as a solution that drives successful agency management.


Approaching EVV as a Differentiator for Your Agency

As part of the CURES Act, caregiver visits must be electronically verified for the type, date, and location of service performed, the individual receiving the service, the caregiver or aide performing the service, and the time service begins and ends.

With HHAeXchange’s EVV solution, your homecare agency can:

  • Ensure compliance to requirements
  • Provide a pathway to streamline and simplify agency workflows
  • Be covered regardless of your preferred EVV method from Telephony/Land-Line, GPS Enabled Mobile Devices, and FOB devices


Going Beyond EVV Lets Your Agency Grow and Thrive

HHAeXchange’s EVV is seamlessly integrated into the HHAeXchange Platform, creating more efficient workflows and real-time visibility into service delivery.

While many agencies adopt solutions to address EVV alone, the HHAeXchange platform uses EVV as a way to help in other areas like:

  • Scheduling, compliance, billing, and payroll
  • Maximizing the utilization of the authorization
  • Increasing first-pass clean claim acceptance rates

As a result, agencies using HHAeXchange set themselves apart from other agencies in their ability to recruit and retain caregivers — while building the foundation to better impact patient outcomes.

EVV Features

Caregiver Mobile App

Available in Multiple Languages

Real-time Communication

Mobile Case Broadcasting

Offline Capabilities

Dynamic Plan of Care Logging

Patient Signature Read

Free Download on iOS & Android


Multi-language Support

Toll Free Phone Numbers

Plan of Care Logging

Speak Out Duties

Fob Device

  • Unique code for clock-in / clock-out
  • The unique code can be submitted via the HHAeXchange Mobile App or Telephony
  • Ensures that the caregiver is at the physical location of the affixed FOB Device

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