A Real-Time Clinical Information System for Your Homecare Agency

Collect real-time patient clinical information and observations at the point of care.



Care Becomes Reactive, not Proactive

Most population health applications report on patient clinical information or claims data after care is delivered.

This results in a retroactive approach to care management in which homecare providers and home health aides don’t have enough information to track patient progress or prevent hospitalizations.


A Clinical Tool Built for Homecare

HHAeXchange’s value-based care solution was developed in-house by our team of clinicians to give providers the tools they need to collect real-time clinical data and patient observations at the point of care.


Proactive Care for Patients Based on Caregiver Observations

Our value-based care solution selectively prompts caregivers via the HHAeXchange homecare mobile app, with patient-specific questions or observations based upon the identified chronic condition of the patient.

Once this data is entered, responses are immediately sent to the provider agency for accelerated intervention management.

As a result, agencies can more easily spot trends for a specific patient, such as weight loss or fatigue, allowing them to track the early warning signs of readmission and be more proactive in the care of their patients.

Clinical Information Features

Centralized Patient Workflows

HHAeXchange’s clinical documentation tool automatically links to your account, so you can reduce manual processes and minimize paper management.

Simplified Skilled Visits

The easy-to-use tool automatically tracks information that’s been input into the patient’s profile and auto-calculates specified fields to simplify care assessments.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

All forms within the clinical documentation tool are fully configurable by your agency staff – no development required!

HIPAA Compliant Solution

Administrators have full control over patient and information access to ensure only the people who need access to patient records can see them.

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