In honor of International Women’s Day, HHAeXchange asked women leaders across the company to share their thoughts on the best advice they’ve been given, how their mentors have guided them in their careers, and how they are giving back as women leaders. 

What’s the best advice you’ve been given in your career?

Htet Htet Aung, Lead UX Designer: “Be passionate about what you do and work hard for what you want.”

Carrie Hofmaster, Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition: “Lead by example and never stop learning. You do not have to have all the answers to excel and lead, but as long as you use your resources, follow through, and carry yourself in a professional and compassionate manner, you will continue to be valuable.”

Lisa Dugan, Senior Director, Government Health Plans & Channel Partnering: “Always move forward with a “make it happen” mentality.”

Rashmee Shroff, Senior HR Manager: “Be the way you are and encourage others as well. Honor your intuitions and don’t be afraid to speak up. Learning is a lifelong process.”

Courtney Hartman, Senior Director of Expansion Sales: “Be curious! It’s important to ask questions to understand how best to offer solutions. Seek out feedback from clients, colleagues, partners, etc.”

Emily Ivers, Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis: “Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need – be it time, space or just to be heard.”

Ashley Jones, Senior Manager, Revenue Systems: “‘Everyone started somewhere.’ Remembering this will allow you to apply for things you’d have otherwise convinced yourself not to, help you to remain curious, and ensure that you’re always open to your next, great opportunity.”

What women leaders have helped you and how do you help women now?

Leah Levitte, Senior Director, Enablement: “I’ve been very lucky to have both male and female mentors. I think it’s important to hear as many perspectives as possible because at the end of the day, we don’t work with just one type of person. I would like to shoutout the leaders at HHAX who I collaborate with on a regular basis and deeply admire – Anna Pavlik, Kaitlin Olcott, Carrie Hofmaster, Alexis Adadevoh, Amarelis Cortes, Sarah Goodpaster, and Tanya Sanchez. I am incredibly grateful to work with such a sharp and supportive team.

I am passionate about economic empowerment and work with organizations including BottomLine and Streetwise Partners to coach aspiring college students (most of which are women) from under-resourced communities on interview skills, resume building, negotiating, and career guidance. Everyone deserves access to those types of services and have someone in their corner rooting for them.”

Sarah Truman, Senior Director, Product Management: “Dr. Brene Brown published an incredible amount of research that shared why vulnerability is not weakness and why it actually is courageous. Elizabeth Blackwell is a hero for her perseverance to earn a medical degree and build a good professional reputation outside of what was the cultural norm for women; she was a trailblazer for women who were interested in pursuing a medical career. For young women who struggle with decisions of having both a career and being a mother, I’ve shared my own journey, decisions that others may not have agreed on or judged me on, and how I’ve tried to balance the needs of my professional life, personal life, and myself as an individual.”

Amy Green, Vice President of Marketing: “I’ve been really fortunate throughout my career to have a number of incredible women as mentors and leaders. I’m frequently asked to mentor or even have a 30-minute conversation with young adults who are just getting out of college and looking to start a career in marketing. It’s rewarding to give back and share my “what I wish I knew then” lessons. I also spend time with women who have been stay-at-home moms and are looking to get back into the workforce. This can be an intimidating experience, but by helping them discover and articulate their strengths, it gives them the confidence they need to land jobs they didn’t think were possible.”

Jill Field, Vice President of Product Management: “Several women who have been prior leaders of mine have offered opportunities for greater visibility and advancement. The most effective leaders were very genuine, demonstrated trust, readily collaborated to partner for success and were willing to share information freely as input to addressing business problems. Women with these traits were more effective at empowering and helping to grow the careers of many in their sphere of influence which fueled greater success for their organizations. I’ve learned from those experiences and emulate it whenever possible both personally and professionally. Most often, it is enabling other women, providing access to information, tools and empowering them with opportunities for visibility in order to maximize their impact.”

Stef Bello, Vice President of Provider Success & Support: “My female bosses over the years have helped me understand how to tackle any challenge that comes up in a methodical way. I have many female role models who exude confidence and a positive can-do attitude; I try to lead the same way.”

Kaitlin Olcott, Senior Director of Corporate Communications: “I’ve been very fortunate to have worked for women and men leaders who have made an invaluable impact on my career – two among them here at HHAeXchange – Greg Strobel & Anna Pavlik! They gave me the autonomy to work on big projects and make an impact, while supporting me with their knowledge, advice, and most importantly- their belief in me and my ability to do my job. I try to help women by sharing my experiences and lessons learned – both successes & failures – but most of all, by believing in them.”​​​​​​​

Shilpa Koranne, Senior Product Manager: “Women leaders have helped me by mentoring me and being role models. I have learnt a lot from shadowing them and learning about their skill set and also by observing their people management skills. I also pay it forward by mentoring, training and ensuring that women in my team are heard. I also encourage them to be an SME in the functional areas they represent.”

Recognizing Global Stevie Award Winner Christie Watson

Watch the below interview to hear from Christie Watson, VP and General Manager of Payer Solutions, on what it means to be a woman leader in healthcare, the best advice she’s received, and how we can encourage more women to pursue senior leadership roles.

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