Here at HHAeXchange, our dream is for homecare agency operators to breathe a sigh of relief when they sit down to handle their daily administrative duties, because they are the easiest part of their day. And we think that our Operational Worklists, Appointment Module, and Case Broadcasting are absolutely stress-reducing, time-saving features. Never heard of them? Let’s change that! Read on to discover why so many of our agency customers rave about these tools. 

Operational Worklists 

If you’re a list writer who relies on their notepad to keep themselves organized, then do we have the tool for you! Meet Operational Worklists. 

Operations worklists alert you to important dates and actions your team needs to take regarding caregiver compliance, client authorizations, unstaffed visits, and more. The key here is that you get informed about these potential issues before they become a problem. This allows your team to act proactively and prevent any claims issues that might stop you from getting paid. Additionally, they provide an audit trail, so you can stay on top of who within your agency is managing certain actions. 

How to Use It: 

Worklists are accessible through the action menu. These are set up on a user level, so you’ll need to go user by user and enable the types of worklists each employee will need access to. 

There are five different worklists: 

  • Expiring Caregiver Medical/Other Compliance: This worklist brings upcoming medical or compliance records that are set to expire to your attention. 
  • Expiring Authorization: Stay on top of authorizations and ensure that you’re taking care of them before they expire. Don’t lose out on money because of an administrative oversight. 
  • Unstaffed Visits: Visits that are booked, but do not have a caregiver associated with it will be flagged. Don’t get stuck without a caregiver in the final hour! 
  • Expiring Master Week: If you have any master weeks – your reoccurring schedule – set to expire, they’ll be flagged here, helping you avoid any disruption in service. 
  • Expiring Certification Period: This worklist shows patients coming up on certification expiration. 

Let’s dive into one use case, the Caregiver Medical Compliance Worklist. As you may know, HHAeXchange keeps track of all the expiration dates for caregivers on their caregiver profiles, but this worklist gives agencies a way to look at it holistically. The worklist will populate all caregivers within the agency that are falling out of compliance within that specified timeframe. It will also bring up the compliance type, when it expires, when this was reported on, the caregiver it applies to, and any related notes. 

You can then assign tasks to your internal team one-by-one or take a bulk action if you want to assign them all to one person. Once you’ve assigned the tasks, a note will automatically be generated to the assignee, which helps provide an audit trail for your agency. You can even message caregivers directly from this interface to get it taken care of as soon as possible – again either individually or in bulk. Caregivers will receive this message in the mobile app and can quickly get everything up to date. 

Appointment Module 

Homecare scheduling can be headache-inducing, especially when you have a lot of patients and you’re managing visits on a case-by-case basis. Flipping back and forth between different schedules, managing authorizations and plans of care, and ensuring every shift has a caregiver — it’s enough to make your head spin. That’s why we like to think of our Appointment Module as a dose of Tylenol. It relieves the pain of dealing with client schedules. 

With the HHAeXchange enterprise platform, you can view all your client schedules simultaneously, allowing you to manage your agency more effectively. Our appointment module helps you visualize your agency’s week at-a glance and effortlessly create, troubleshoot, and adjust appointments all from one view. 

Save time and use this feature as a one-stop-shop for managing your weekly visits, without having to navigate between several different areas within the product. You can do it all from this module. 

How to Use It: 

Start by selecting the week you would like to look at. The module will populate every single patient within your agency and their schedule over that seven-day period. Visits are color-coded to give you an idea of valid versus invalid visits at-a-glance, with green meaning there is a valid authorization associated with the visit, and pink meaning it is invalid. 

From this view, you can also examine which authorizations are tied to which visits – again by color code. This is the only place in the system where you can see this by color codes just by hovering over a single button. 

For each authorization, you can see details such as: 

  • Authorization Hours 
  • Scheduled Hours 
  • Confirmed Hours 
  • Billed Hours 

With this feature, you can even drag and drop visits from one day to the next without having to recreate them elsewhere. 

Case Broadcasting 

The dreaded scramble. A caregiver calls in to let you know they won’t be able to make their shift. Don’t start panic calling and texting all your caregivers. Instead, turn to your Case Broadcasting tool. This feature allows you to broadcast any open shift opportunities to the right groups of caregivers in your network. 

How to Use It:  

Let’s say you want to fill a specific shift. Open the shift that you need to find a caregiver for, then click the question mark next to the caregiver code to run an availability search. This will produce a list of all the caregivers who are available. From here you can choose to send a case broadcast message to an individual caregiver, or to a group of caregivers, all at once. You’re able to send it via the mobile app, text, or both to ensure that they get the message about the open shift. You can also write your own message or choose one of the pre-populated template messages.  

If you send the message via the mobile app, it will appear in the open shift section of the caregiver mobile app. The caregiver can then easily accept or decline the shift and it will automatically appear as pending. 

Make Your Life a Little Easier 

The Operational Worklists, Appointment Module, and Case Broadcasting tool are more than just features; they’re the secret to proactive agency management and efficiency. From staying ahead of compliance issues to simplifying scheduling and effortlessly filling open shifts, these tools are designed to empower administrators, making their tasks not just manageable, but stress-relieving in their simplicity. As we continue to evolve and innovate, we invite homecare agencies to explore these time-saving solutions and experience firsthand the transformative impact they can have on day-to-day operations. Streamline your back-office tasks with confidence and ease, because your success is our priority. 

To learn more and get a personal demo of these solutions, contact us today