Joel Krausz of ADS is a payroll and back office automation expert. ADS has established itself as the source for all-inclusive management solutions.

What are the biggest problems home care and home health agencies have from an automation perspective? What about broader problems in automating back end functions?

JK: The problem that most home care and home health agencies have is that they don’t step back and look at the amount of manual work that goes into each pay period. These agencies lack a software system that is backed by years of design, and can handle everything in the cloud. The best organizations are able to handle an entire practice including credentialing, authorizations, HR, telephony, billing, accounting and payroll in an automated and efficient system.

In terms of their payroll requirements, what would you say is their biggest challenge?

JK: For any home care or home health agency, a payroll software platform that’s been truly designed and integrated for this unique industry and has the functionally to address all their concerns is critical. These agencies need the confidence that caregivers are paid accurately, all paid hours are billable and more, without spending hundreds of manual hours.

Agencies end up spending time and money in a variety of areas, and particularly payroll, that could be cut down significantly by leveraging a solution like HHAeXchange’s Agency Management Solution.

What are some of the benefits that agencies might not realize they could get by automating their payroll processes?

JK: The biggest value for any agency is the ability to reallocate payroll resources to other parts of the business. An automated payroll system through ADS and HHAX eliminates any concerns about dealing with tax agencies and audits, removes the need for QuickBooks and results in cheaper and much more efficient payroll.

Think about it as taking over the back office with an automated solution, allowing home care agencies to focus on serving their members and increase census.

How does the ADS and HHAeXchange partnership allow for such low payroll costs compared to other options?

JK: Through exclusive partnership pricing we’re able to provide cost savings by offering a monthly flat-rate on CDS payroll checks over a per check charge – regardless of the number of pay periods. This can be a massive savings for agencies that are cutting checks to hundreds of individuals, and allows for savings of 50 percent or more. With costs as high as 30 dollars or more for CDS payroll checks every period, it’s a no brainer for home care and home health agencies.

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