About Blaze PSI

Blaze Professional Services (Blaze PSI) specializes in supporting Texas long-term care (LTC) providers by streamlining their operations, ensuring compliance, and enhancing overall business management. With over thirty-five years of combined expertise in patient eligibility, billing, authorizations, and e-documentation systems, Blaze PSI stands as an advocate for quality and efficiency in the complex LTC landscape. The Houston-based company, powered by a team of MBA, regulatory, and tech experts, not only complements providers’ in-house teams but also offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the intricacies of Texas LTC.


Blaze PSI faced significant hurdles in managing client Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) systems and staying abreast of administrative and regulatory changes. The company’s ability to deliver timely, substantial, and reliable information to clients was hampered, making it difficult to conduct global quality checks and maintain high standards consistently.

Blaze PSI

“With HHAeXchange, we are not just checking boxes for compliance; we’re elevating the quality of care. It’s about integrating excellence into our DNA.”

Anne Danna, Founder, Blaze PSI

Anne Danna, Founder of Blaze PSI, expressed the challenge succinctly, “The fast-evolving nature of the LTC sector demands a system that not only keeps pace but propels us forward. We were in dire need of a solution that could mirror our commitment to quality and enable us to navigate the labyrinth of regulations effortlessly.”


The integration of HHAeXchange’s Enterprise system presented a pivotal change for Blaze PSI. The platform’s robust data analytics and quality control metrics seamlessly aligned with daily operations, leading to substantial improvements in compliance, service confidence, and operational efficiency. “HHAeXchange didn’t just provide a system; they delivered a transformation. The platform became the cornerstone of our operations, catalyzing enhanced performance and regulatory adherence,” stated Michelle Adjei, Account Representative at Blaze PSI.

Michelle Adjei, Blaze PSI

“The clarity and control we’ve gained with HHAeXchange’s data insights have been game-changers. It’s like having a magnifying glass on what truly matters for our clients.”

Michelle Adjei, Account Representative, Blaze PSI