CenterLight Healthcare PACE of NY

CenterLight Healthcare PACE of NY

Provider Portal Questionnaire

HHAeXchange & CenterLight Healthcare PACE of NY Partnership

CenterLight Healthcare PACE has partnered with HHAeXchange to leverage our platform to implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for Personal Care Services.

Through the HHAeXchange platform you will be able to receive new home health aide cases, manage authorizations, confirm visits, and communicate certain types of issues in real-time.

In addition, the HHAeXchange platform offers a robust agency management solution that can help streamline and automate time-consuming agency functions including placement, scheduling, compliance, and billing of services.

What does the HHAeXchange Portal provide to homecare agencies?

The HHAeXchange Portal provides a direct connection from the agency to CenterLight Healthcare PACE of New York for:

  • Electronic case broadcasting, authorizations, confirming visits using EVV

  • Real-time two-way messaging with CenterLight Healthcare PACE 

  • Free EVV solution for time & attendance and duty tracking

  • Electronic billing along with pre-billing review

Agency Options & Onboarding Phase

Agencies currently using another 3rd Party EVV Solution (Existing EDI Providers): Authorization data will become available in the HHAeXchange Portal, rather than coming by fax. Schedule and visit data will be imported from your 3rd party system into HHAeXchange. Please work with your EVV Vendor to determine requirements to set up this interface and refer to the EDI Process tab for more details. Providers will be going live with the linked CenterLight Healthcare PACE contract in Phase 1.

Phase 1:

Phase 3:

Agencies not currently using HHAeXchange (New Providers – EVV option of EDI or Free HHAX): You will receive an HHAeXchange Portal in order to receive authorizations and submit claims/invoice data. Please complete the Provider Portal Questionnaire Survey to ensure our team can create your unique credentials for access. Providers will have the choice to either use the free HHAeXchange EVV tools or select to integrate with their own third party EVV system. Providers will be going live with the linked CenterLight Healthcare PACE contract in Phase 1.

Phase 1:

Phase 3: 

Agencies currently using HHAeXchange (Existing Enterprise Providers): You will be able to continue using HHAeXchange, utilizing the system’s enhanced Linked Contract functionality. Providers will be implemented with the linked CenterLight Healthcare PACE NY contract in Phase 2 or Phase 3. Providers will receive a detailed welcome letter in advance, letting them know which phase they fall under along with the go-live date expectations.

Important Dates

  • Phase 1 Go-Live Date: June 9, 2021

  • Phase 2 Go-Live Date: August 29, 2022

  • Phase 3 Go-Live Date: January 16, 2023