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New Jersey Home Health Information Center

Provider Portal Questionnaire

Bringing the 21st Century Cures Act across New Jersey

New Jersey DMAHS is continuing its partnership with HHAeXchange as their EVV Aggregation solution to ensure the provider community complies with the Cures Act Mandate requirements. The HHAeXchange solution will focus on collecting and reporting EVV compliant data for all Home and Community based services for the New Jersey FamilyCare program. As part of the New Jersey FamilyCare EVV program initiative, we will need to gather more information from your provider agency.

The first step will be to fill out the New Jersey Home Health Provider Portal Survey found below.

NJ Home Health Provider Enrollment Form

Selecting an EVV solution that fits your provider agency

This questionnaire is designed to capture information about your provider agency necessary for New Jersey Home Health, as part of the effort to implement methods of collecting and reporting EVV compliant data for all personal care services.

We understand that each MCO has offered their own solution to participating providers and you may already have an enterprise EVV solution in place  to help you be compliant. In connection with all New Jersey MCOs and the New Jersey FamilyCare program, this survey will allow us to understand your choice for EVV data collection and provide the best viable option for your agency. Below you will find more information on each method of EVV data collection.

Your provider agency plays a vital role in the success of our EVV program.  As part of your participation with New Jersey FamilyCare, you have multiple options provided to you to ensure EVV compliance:

  • Option 1 –  Agencies currently without an EVV solution: use the Free EVV tools provided by HHAeXchange & New Jersey.
  • Option 2 – Agencies currently using another 3rd Party EVV Solution: You can use your existing EVV system and import visit data into HHAeXchange using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  • Option 3 –  Existing providers that currently utilize the HHAeXchange provider platform will be linked with the new service codes in scope.

Important Updates

  • Go-Live date for Cohort 1 & 2 Providers: July 18, 2022
    • Providers are expected to have completed integration and required training and are expected to begin submitting EVV data to the individual payers.
  • EVV Mandate for verification and billing for all Home and Community Based Services: January 1, 2023

HHAeXchange Overview (applicable to ALL providers):

Information Sessions are being held for all providers to provide them with key dates and details about the implementation, including key workflow changes, system benefits, and next steps. Please refer to the links below to access videos and presentations from the Provider Info Sessions, held via webinar in June 2022.

If you chose Option 2 on the survey – (I want to use the free HHAeXchange EVV solution for all New Jersey Payers), below are some of the benefits you will see by utilizing our solution:


  • Member Managament for NJ FFS & 5 MCOs
  • Clock-In / Clock-Out Exception Dashboard
  • Submission / Aggregation of EVV Data to NJ FFS & 5 MCOs
  • Mobile Application in Multiple Languages
  • Telephony Lines in English and Spanish


  • Master Week Scheduling
  • Case & Scheduling Coordination
  • Plan of Care Management for NJ FFS, Aetna, United, and Wellcare


  • Real-Time Two-Way Messaging with NJ FFS, Aetna, United, and Wellcare


  • Prebilling Claims Scrubbing
  • eBilling (837) / eRemittance (835) for NJ FFS, Aetna, United, and Wellcare


  • Automatic Authorization Receipt from NJ FFS, Aetna, United, and Wellcare
  • Manual Authorization Input for Amerigroup and Horizon
  • Plan of Care Adherence
  • Visit Confirmation Compliance
  • Visit reporting to Horizon and Amerigroup

Upcoming Webinars

Please Click Here for Additional Training Webinars

Provider System User Training

  • Receive LMS Credentials from the HHAeXchange Onboarding Team and follow instructions to complete the courses and videos on a self-paced format to complete:
    • An email will be sent to the contact that completed the Provider portal questionnaire
    • One Username will be sent for your Agency to use. Username can be distributed amongst all members of your agency to complete the assigned courses.
    • Login to the LMS website using the provided credentials in the email
    • Work on completing the courses by reviewing the information provided
    • Any updates made to the password should be distributed amongst all members who have access to the account
    • For any questions or concerns, please reach out to [email protected]

EDI Provider Resources

EDI Provider Rebilling Job Aid: This job aid provides guidance to the various rebilling scenarios for EDI Providers. This aid can also be found in the provider portal resources page in the HHAeXchange support center.

Importing Caregivers into HHAeXchange

(Note: This is not required for agencies using an EDI Import file to integrate with their 3rd Party Agency Management System) To assist organizations with a large census of Caregivers, HHAeXchange has created a Caregiver Bulk Import tool to expedite the entry process. Please CLICK HERE to access the Caregiver Bulk Import Process Guide, which provides instructions for how to:

  • Access and Save the Caregiver Import Template
  • Prepare the Caregiver import File for your Agency
  • Send the file to HHAeXchange ([email protected]) for File Processing

EDI Overview (Integrating with a 3rd Party Agency Management System)

Thank you for your participation in working with HHAeXchange on the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) project for your agency. Note, this process applies specifically for providers that chose option 1, found on the “Overview” tab above. Below you will find information about the general requirements and steps to take to successfully integrate your 3rd Agency Management System with HHAeXchange. To integrate between your 3rd Party Agency Management System and HHAX, providers will be required to comply with both the business requirements and technical specifications listed below. Upon review of the documents below, please initiate contact with HHAX to begin the integration process Initial steps EDI providers should follow:

Training Opportunities

EDI API Webinar

Click here to review the detailed FAQ document in regard to the NJ DMAHS implementation which will provide you with more insight on the program, patient placement, billing, EVV, Communications, as well as EDI and other functionalities.

What is HHAeXchange?

HHAeXchange is the premiere Homecare Management Software company for the Medicaid non-skilled LTSS population. We are the leaders in connecting payers and homecare agency providers to enable more collaboration, communication, and workflow efficiencies.

What are the benefits of the HHAeXchange Portal?

Ease of billing

  • Quickly enter confirmed visits in a user-friendly interface
  • Increase billing acceptance rates with real-time pre-claim edit-checks

Efficient communication

  • Reduce payer communication time with real-time, two-way messaging
  • Increase census by accepting new cases via the broadcasting module
  • Access real-time authorization and notification of changes to the care plan (increase or decrease of units, change of service code, etc…)

Free tools

  • Free scheduling module to manage schedules online in real-time
  • Free EVV solution to electronically track time and attendance
  • Free interface with your agency management system

What if we would like to use HHAeXchange’s free EVV System?

Through the HHAeXchange Portal, New Jersey DMAHS is offering free telephony for clock-in and clock-out functionality, including capturing completed plan of care duties. Each agency who has indicated they’d like to use HHAeXchange’s free EVV system will be set up with a toll-free 800 number to provide to their caregivers. A caregiver will also be given the option to download the free HHAeXchange Mobile App available for both iPhone and Android users that can be used to clock-in and clock-out, review patient information and visit information.

How will the free HHAeXchange EVV System work?

Through the HHAeXchange Portal, New Jersey DMAHS is offering free telephony for clock-in and clock-out functionality, including capturing completed plan of care duties. Each agency who has indicated they’d like to use HHAeXchange’s free EVV system will be set up with a toll-free 800 number to provide to their caregivers. A caregiver will also be given the option to download the free HHAeXchange Mobile App available for both iPhone and Android users that can be used to clock-in and clock-out, review patient information and visit information.

What if we have an EVV System that we’d like to keep?

It is simple to connect your existing EVV system with your payer(s), through the HHAeXchange Portal. Ensure that you’ve completed the survey, and review the EDI welcome packet. Upon reviewing the welcome packet, please submit a ticket to the HHAX EDI support email at: [email protected] with the subject ‘NJ EVV’. The HHAeXchange Integrations Team will coordinate with you to create an interface to process for your existing EVV visits. If my payer(s) plans to utilize or is currently utilizing the HHAeXchange portal, what information will my payer(s) send to my agency through the HHAeXchange Portal? Your payer(s) will be sending new placements, authorizations, and all communications through the HHAeXchange Portal. Additional information may be sent as deemed necessary by the payer.

How will the HHAeXchange Portal bill payer(s)?

All claims will be created through the HHAeXchange Portal and sent electronically via an 837 eBilling file. Agencies will then receive an 835 eRemittance file back into the HHAeXchange Portal.

Can I check my claims before submitting them to the payer through the HHAeXchange portal?

Yes. The HHAeXchange Portal provides a Prebilling Claims Scrubbing module designed to ensure that your claims are compliant with the authorization and the payer contract.

Can I schedule my caregivers through the HHAeXchange Portal?

Yes. You’ll be able to schedule your caregivers through the HHAeXchange Portal either by creating schedules based on the authorization provided by the payer, or through automatic creation of schedules based on EVV data imported into the HHAeXchange Portal from your 3rd party EVV system.

How will I be trained on the HHAeXchange Portal?

The person within your organization that filled out the survey will receive more information to identify super users and for training planning.

Can I import and export data into the HHAeXchange Portal?

Processes for importing and exporting data from the HHAeXchange Portal can be found on this page under the “EDI PROCESS” tab.

Provider Services in Scope: Please see below all the provider services in scope for this implementation. Service codes are broken out into three cohorts, with Cohorts 1 and 2 going live on July 18, 2022.

Cohort 1(Skilled Nursing Services) and Cohort 2 (Therapies)

Service Code Procedure Name
97597 Debridement , open wound, wound assessment, use of a whirlpool, when performed and instruction(s) for ongoing care, total wound(s) surface area; first 20 sq cm or less
99601 Infusion- Skilled nursing
99602 Infusion- Skilled nursing-additional hour(s)
G0299 Direct skilled nursing services of a registered nurse (run) in the home health or hospice setting
S9122 Home Health Aide/Certified Nurse Assistant
S9123 Nursing care, in the home; by registered nurse,
S9124 Nursing care, in the home; by licensed practical nurse
S9127 Social work visit, in the home
T1000 Private duty / independent nursing service(s)
T1002 Private duty / independent nursing service(s) / RN
T1030 Nursing care, in the home, by registered nurse
T1031 Nursing care, in the home, by licensed practical nurse
92507 Speech, Language and Hearing Therapy Individual
97110 Physical Therapy, Therapeutic procedure, 1 or more areas; therapeutic exercises to develop strength and endurance, range of motion and flexibility
97129 Cognitive Therapy, Individual
97130 Therapeutic interventions that focus on cognitive function and compensatory strategies to manage the performance of an activity, direct (one-on-one) patient contact (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure)
97535 Occupational Therapy, Individual –  Self-care/home management training (e.g., activities of daily living (ADL) and compensatory training, meal preparation, safety procedures, and instructions in use of assistive technology devices/adaptive equipment) direct one-on-one contact
G0151 Services performed by a qualified physical therapist in the home health or hospice setting
G0152 Services performed by a qualified physical therapist in the home health or hospice setting
S9128 Speech therapy, in the home
S9129 Occupational therapy, in the home
S9131 Physical therapy; in the home

For questions and issues, please contact us at:

Providers with an existing HHAeXchange portal please use the HHAeXchange Live Chat within your Support Center to receive assistance from a Live Agent. The live chat option is recommended for quicker response times.