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We call it “training as a service” because we provide full access to our extensive training library and full client and caregiver support.

Overview & Key Features was founded in 2014 as an enterprise peer-to-peer learning platform that allows employees to learn from and train other employees across an organization. Today, offers peer-to-peer learning and so much more! Companies are struggling with hiring, onboarding, training and compliance in a remote world, and offers simple and effective solutions and ongoing white glove multilingual support to transform the future of work. 

  • Our video-based trainings are available in multiple languages and are easily accessible on a cell phone browser, making it simple for non-tech savvy individuals. can reduce your in-service costs by up to 80% while increasing training completion rates to an average of 90%. 

  • No tech savvy needed. We’re the only online training platform that delivers training by SMS text and that can be completed via cell phone browser. 

  • Full client and caregiver support. We take care of everything from delivering training directly to caregivers, compliance reporting, following up with caregivers to ensure maximum completion, and providing any additional support necessary. 

  •’s trainings are video-based and easy to understand.