Vitable is the only ACA-compliant employee health plan made from the ground up to serve home care workers.

Vitable offers two health benefits: a direct primary care membership designed to help home care agencies offer competitive health benefits for just $30, and a level-funded health plan to help employers with 50 or more employees become compliant with ACA (and avoid tens of thousands of dollars in IRS penalties).

Vitable Primary Care  Overview

Vitable Primary Care is a preferred health benefit by many national and local home care agencies. With thousands of caregivers rating 95% or higher NPS scores, Vitable has proven to be a benefit of choice by caregivers as well. 

At just $30 a month per employee, Vitable Primary Care gives access to: 

  • $0 Copays, $0 Deductibles, and $0 to add dependents 
  • Delightful and convenient in-home and virtual doctor visits 
  • Free prescriptions and labs coverage (over 1,000 Rx) 
  • Pre-hire compliance suite (TB Testing, Drug Screening, and Physicals) 
  • Mental health counseling services 
  • Advanced benefits management platform and mobile app, with the AI assistants 
  • If you already have coverage, Urgent and Primary care expenses reduced by $60k or more 
  • 10% discount on stop-loss insurance premium 

Caregiver recruitment accelerated by 2.3x and retention improved by 3x when employers offered Vitable. Moreover, by helping caregivers become healthier and happier, Vitable has a direct impact on revenue as well – with increased billable hours and reduced healthcare expenses. 
Vitable Primary Care can be as a standalone, or on top of an existing health plan, with employers reducing their healthcare expenses by $60,000 or more per year. 

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Vitable MEC 

For employers with 50 or more full-time or “full-time equivalent” employees, Vitable can provide compliance protection against Affordable Care Act Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions (4980H(a)). By combining a level-funded Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan with Vitable Primary Care, employers can access all the benefits of our Direct Primary Care membership along with an open network, additional coverage, and ACA compliance — for just an additional $30 PEPM. 

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Agencies ♥ Vitable

Vitable is too good to be true! [Using Vitable] really does make a difference… for the PCAs, the clients, as well as growing the business.

Monica Hill
VP of Human Resources, AmeriBest