New York – March 9, 2016  HHAeXchange announced today that they have partnered with CellTrak, an industry leader in mobile health care and service delivery solutions. CellTrak enables providers to operate more efficiently and respond more quickly while still following best practices and achieving compliance. HHAeXchange provides a comprehensive platform to home care providers and payers that drives operational workflow, delivers real-time business intelligence, reduces fraud and abuse, improves patient outcomes, and achieves comprehensive compliance across the entire home care ecosystem.

“We are very excited to partner with CellTrak,” said Greg Strobel, HHAeXchange’s President. “Home care is beginning to see a shift towards needing an open platform to manage the different elements of their business. The days of a single software solution for everything is waning. By tightly integrating with key strategic partners like CellTrak, we can offer best-ofbreed solutions so our clients can deliver the highest quality of care in the most cost effective manner.”

Strobel adds, “Initially, the partnership complements HHAeXchange’s focus in our Medicaid Managed Care (MCO) and State Payer market where at-risk organizations seek to aggregate data from multiple systems in order to gain greater visibility and transparency of home care activities and compliance across their contracted network of providers. A fully integrated CellTrak/HHAeXchange solution now offers payers an option to adopt state-of-the-art solutions for Referral, Intake, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), Mobile Data Collection and Alerts, Authorization Management, Real-time Communication, Scheduling, Compliance, Billing, Remittance Management, and Network Provider Performance Management.”

“Many providers who use CellTrak have already joined MCO provider networks,” stated Andrew Kaboff, Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at CellTrak. “As the migration of Medicaid into managed care plans accelerates, more providers and payers will seek best-inclass front-end mobile solutions that are tightly integrated with SaaS-based operational workflow; the combination of CellTrak with HHAeXchange provides that today. The timing of our integration with HHAeXchange couldn’t be better. Because fewer and fewer people have landlines and mobile solutions provide additional, highly valuable information that enables both providers and MCOs to better manage the quality and cost of the care delivered, the minimum standard for EVV has moved from telephony-based EVV to GPS-based mobile solutions.

CellTrak’s solution levels the playing field between small and large providers by enabling realtime communication of member’s goals, services provided by caregivers, and changes in member’s condition to MCOs.”

About CellTrak

People receive exceptional health care in their home or community when their care providers use CellTrak’s Mobile Health Solution. Home care, hospice and community care agencies in the US, Canada and the UK deliver higher quality care, communicate more effectively, improve compliance, reduce costs and increase productivity with CellTrak. Today, CellTrak’s complete, integrated software-as-a-service solution supports one million visits per week, facilitating care delivery and real-time field force management, automating data collection, and providing information for business and care optimization. It includes apps for all types of caregivers that run on the leading mobile devices; portals for efficient, coordinated care delivery by a distributed workforce; interfaces to EHRs and back office systems; and services to support adoption and optimization. For more information visit

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About HHAeXchange

Founded in 2008, HHAeXchange is the leading technology platform for homecare and self-direction program management. Developed specifically for Medicaid home and community-based services (HCBS), HHAeXchange connects state agencies, managed care organizations, providers, and caregivers through its intuitive web-based platform, enabling unparalleled communication, transparency, efficiency, and compliance. For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.