Are you tired of manually verifying visits? Burned out by daily fire drills while trying to fill open shifts? Frustrated when caregivers aren’t able to clock in and out on time? The answer to your problems might just be an app download away.

Use this Mobile App Marketing Guide to help your agency: 

What is Electronic Visit Verification?

Electronic visit verification (EVV) is the process that uses electronic means like interactive voice response (IVR), fob devices, or mobile apps to verify that care is delivered for personal care or home health services. Agencies use EVV not only to remain compliant with federal requirements, but also as an effective tool to track caregiver arrivals and departures, ensuring clients get the care they need, when they need it. However, all EVV methods are not created equal.  

Many providers prefer that their caregivers use the GPS-enabled mobile application for EVV, as it offers certain advantages that traditional EVV methods like IVR and fob devices do not. 

6 Benefits of Using the HHAeXchange+
Mobile Application for EVV

The HHAeXchange+ mobile app empowers caregivers with the tools they need to be happier on the job and deliver better care. Let’s quickly dive into the reasons why homecare providers and caregivers alike are enjoying the next-generation mobile app from HHAeXchange. 

  1. Everyone Saves Time

    The app makes clocking in and out fast. On average, caregivers spend 15 seconds clocking in and out on the mobile app versus several minutes on a landline. And agencies spend less time reconciling mobile EVV, with 97% of the support requests around EVV relating to traditional EVV versus just 3% on the mobile app. The mobile app is the fastest and easiest way to clock in and out for shifts.

  2. Caregivers Get Control Over Their Schedules

    According to the HCP Benchmarking Report, 81% of homecare agencies had to turn down cases at some point in 2022 due to the caregiver shortage, retaining caregivers is a top priority for most providers. One way to do that is by addressing caregiver frustrations, such as not having control over their schedule. With HHAeXchange+, your caregivers can quickly accept new cases or shifts, automatically get matched to shifts that fit their preferences, and view their schedules/patient details on-the-go, all without ever having to call the office.

  3. Communication Becomes a Breeze

    The app allows for real-time, two-way chats between the homecare agency and the caregivers. If a problem crops up, your caregivers won’t feel isolated because backup is just a chat away. Worried your caregivers won’t be able to use the app because of a language barrier? Rest assured, the app is available in 23 languages, including Spanish, Vietnamese, and Portuguese. Built with inclusivity in mind, HHAeXchange+ is easy-to-use, accessible, and flexible for service provider needs.

  4. Dynamic Care Plan & Multimedia Visit Notes Are Possible

    With the app, your caregivers can check patient-specific plans of care and providers can check that duties were performed during patient servicing. Caregivers can also log comprehensive visit notes with images, audio recordings and/or text.

  5. Your Agency Maintains Compliance

    Nagging caregivers about completing compliance requirements is a thing of the past. With the mobile app, they will see upcoming/overdue compliance tasks (medicals, evaluations, in-services) and will be able to get the information they need to complete the requirement. This ensures that your agency is always up to date with state and federal requirements.

  6. Everyone Stays On-time and On Course

    You and your caregivers have enough to worry about – getting to the patient’s home on time shouldn’t be one of them. Allow the mobile app GPS to easily navigate caregivers to their next case location.

EVV Improved Homecare

Get Your Caregivers On Board with The Mobile App 

You want your caregivers to use the app because you know that it will make both your jobs easier, but sometimes it’s hard to convince others to make a change, especially when it involves new technology. So, how do you convince your caregivers to adopt HHAeXchange+?

Promote The Mobile App in Your Office 

It’s hard to ignore something when it’s staring you in the face, that’s why we recommend hanging up our mobile app poster in your office. Not only does it go over the benefits of the app for caregivers, but it also offers easy to read step-by-step instructions on how to download the app and get started right away. 

Conduct a Mobile App Training Session  

Sometimes the best way to convey information is face-to-face. Plan to have all your caregivers come into the office for a meeting where you can explain the benefits of the mobile app and have everyone who is interested in using the app download it and follow the set-up instructions together. Consider making it more festive by having food and some social time!  

Incentivize Caregivers to Use the Mobile App  

Incentives are a great way to get your caregivers to start using the HHAeXchange+ mobile app. We’ve found there are a couple easy ways to get caregivers excited about downloading this type of technology. 

  • Have a Contest or Host a Raffle
    Try this: when a caregiver downloads the mobile app they put their name in a jar. After a couple of weeks, you choose two of the names out of the jar and give them a prize!
  • Give Verbal Recognition
    Let’s say you have a caregiver who is consistently using the app to clock in/out, collect important patient information, and complete training through the integrated eLearning solutions. It’s time to let them know how much their dedication means to your agency. Show your appreciation by sharing their commitment to their patients’ well-being with the rest of your organization, and consider rewarding them with something like a small gift card.

Time to Say Goodbye to IVR

The HHAeXchange+ Mobile App is easy to use, requires little to no training, and makes everyone’s jobs easier – from the administrative staff to the caregivers.  

Get Our Printable Caregiver Handout with Download Instructions → 

Step 1: Download 
Visit the HHAeXchange+ page on the Apple App Store or Google Play to install the app.

Step 2: Sign Up and Create a Password 
Once the app is installed, select your language and proceed to the Sign Up page. Enter an email address and password, which should follow the password rules specified, and click Sign Up.

Step 3: Register 
Verify your registration in your email inbox or via push notification, and then log in to the app for the first time. Finish your account setup with a code that is provided by your agency (through email or SMS). 
You are officially ready to use the mobile app! 

Get Started Today 

Looking for more training resources to get up and running faster? 

  • Distribute the guided video walkthrough to your caregivers  
  • Share our Caregiver User Guide with caregivers for detailed instructions on how to use HHAeXchange+ 
  • Visit the HHAeXchange Help Portal to browse job aides, training materials, and best practices