On April 17, 2023, HHAeXchange achieved a major milestone: We officially processed one billion electronic visit verifications! On the day we processed our first visit verification almost sixteen years ago, we finished the day with 79 confirmations total. Currently, we handle more than 600,000 EVV confirmations daily! Since that first day we have served over 1.5 million caregivers and processed over 700 million caregiver shifts, client visits, and paid claims. 

We are proud that we’ve helped make caregivers’ jobs easier, payers’ and providers’ work more efficient, and client visits higher quality. We are ready and excited to continue that work and innovation by delivering homecare software that benefits the entire homecare ecosystem.  

How EVV Has Evolved Over the Last 16 Years 

EVV was created to cut down on fraud and ensure that clients who receive homecare services get the care they need. The 21st Century Cures Act requires that all homecare agencies who provide personal care services have an EVV solution in place.  

Since it was first introduced, EVV has become so much more than fraud protection; EVV is critical to the success of homecare agency operations overall. Now, thanks to software solutions like our homecare management platform and caregiver mobile app, not only can agencies ensure compliance with their preferred EVV method (telephony or GPS enabled), but they can also create more efficiency around scheduling, billing, payroll, and more. 

Where We Are Going 

As the homecare industry continues to face challenges related to the caregiver shortage, onboarding, and compliance, we are committed to delivering innovative technology that will help providers address these hurdles.  

There is a lot on the horizon for HHAeXchange in 2023. We will be sharing more details soon, but for now providers can look forward to several product updates, including a completely new and revolutionary approach to the mobile application, an exciting digital transformation for caregiver onboarding and applicant tracking, and innovative prescriptive reporting.  

Thanks a Billion to Our Partners, Caregivers, and Providers 

Here at HHAeXchange, we talk a lot about the homecare ecosystem, and that’s because each part of this industry relies on one another to thrive and succeed. From our partners, MCOs and state Medicaid programs, to the providers, and their caregivers and clients. Reaching this milestone would not have been possible without the other important players in this ecosystem. Our partners who are always innovating to solve the major challenges facing caregivers and providers. The payers who prioritize the best possible member outcomes. Providers who work tirelessly to ensure their clients can live a high-quality life, safely at home. And of course, the caregivers who give their all, and care so deeply about their clients. These first billion visits verifications represent the hard work of so many people, and we can’t wait to see where this industry will be when we reach two billion.