In the next 30 years, the number of senior citizens in the United States is expected to reach nearly 89 million, which is more than double the current population. As people live longer with and develop more chronic diseases, there will continue to be a growing need for home care providers. The Home Care Association of America estimates that at least 70 percent of adults over 65 will require care at some point, and 90 percent of those adults say they want to stay in their homes for as long as possible.

Hospital readmissions are already costing the country billions of dollars each year, and convalescent care is no longer an appealing option for seniors who prefer to age in place. The Affordable Care Act has expanded states’ responsibility for providing service to Medicaid members, but hasn’t fully equipped states or managed care organizations (MCOs) with the means or experience to do so effectively. The home care industry is already used to working with the most vulnerable populations – the elderly, disabled and chronically ill – but is your home care agency ready for this influx of members?

As the population ages and more individuals rely on home care to remain independent and healthy at home, the volume of members may overwhelm the number of providers who give care. With the population estimated to grow so rapidly in such a short time, home care agencies need to begin preparations now to best serve both current and future members.

More than ever, it is crucial that home care agencies have a streamlined process in place to handle the influx of members requiring care. A personalized interface that automates daily tasks allows an agency’s employees to focus on the work that matters most: Taking care of members. Technology that also makes performance metrics and staff assessment tools more transparent allow agencies to identify any strengths and weaknesses, so they know what to expect and address in the years ahead. Growth boils down to having the best tools at your fingertips. An agency equipped with the right tools can step away from the details and focus on the needs of our nation’s aging population.

It’s a simple matter of having the right processes in place to scale without sacrificing quality care. As the member population grows, agencies must too so that they are even more capable of providing quality care to their communities.

Prepare your agency for the home care population boom with HHAX’s Agency Management solution, which streamlines processes so your caregivers can do what they do best: Care for your members.