The air is starting to chill, and the days are beginning to shorten. As we enter the fall season, we wanted to reflect on all the product releases our team delivered this summer.  

Over the last few months, our team has been working diligently to bring new features and product updates to HHAeXchange customers. This includes game-changing features like Insights Dashboards and Digital Applicant Onboarding, as well as feature updates that some agencies may not even know about! Here we share key details about these updates and outline how your agency can use them to streamline your business. 

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Insights Dashboards  

We heard our customers loud and clear! They’re busy with the day-to-day demands of running a homecare business and don’t have time to dig into their data to manually compile reports. Our customers needed a quick and easy way to look at their business data all at once. Our answer was the creation of Insights, homecare reporting dashboards chock-full of actionable insights that allow agencies to proactively avoid errors, be more efficient, and increase profitability. 

There are dashboards available for several key areas within an agency’s business, including authorizations, billing, payroll, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) compliance, and more. The dashboards display high-level trends and allow agencies to dig into the data and see exactly what’s working and what needs to be addressed immediately. 

Let’s look at a use case: A homecare agency finds themselves struggling with cash flow and wants to understand why money is so tight. They log into their HHAeXchange account and use the billing dashboards to uncover financial performance, resource allocation of caregivers, and staffing levels. This provides them with the insight they need to target problem areas and improve coverage and productivity.  

Digital Applicant Onboarding

According to the HCP Benchmarking report, 40% of providers are prioritizing caregiver recruitment and retention programs. And for good reason, the 2022 turnover rate was a whopping 77%. Knowing how difficult it is to successfully hire and onboard caregivers, we created a new caregiver recruitment tool, Digital Applicant Onboarding. This tool eliminates the manual, time-intensive, and error-prone caregiver application and initial onboarding process. 

Providers can use Digital Applicant Onboarding to access, create, and manage application forms, workflows, and theme-related settings for their Caregiver Applicant Portal. Now, providers can gather caregiver applications digitally, track applicants through the hiring process, and ultimately convert them into full-time caregivers when all relevant documentation and training has been completed. Not only does this streamline the process for administrators, but it also sets the tone for a good caregiver experience from day one, helping agencies keep caregivers long-term. 

Overnight Split Shift  

Accurate billing is the key to a successful agency, but some overnight shifts were impacting that accuracy. Visits from caregivers working hourly shifts that went through the night and into the next morning appeared only on the day that the visit started.  

That inaccuracy could negatively affect billing, which is why we created the Overnight Shift Split. This feature automatically splits overnight shifts into two visits for a better representation of caregiver visits. Users have the autonomy to split shifts if they run more than five minutes into a new day. Once enabled, a caregiver will only need to clock in and out once for overnight shifts. EVV information is copied to both visits, including any duties performed, patient signature, etc. This ensures that caregivers have a seamless experience, and agencies have an accurate view of time spent with patients. 

Guardrails for Universal Patient Record Contracts

We’ve expanded our Payer Guardrails functionality to include Universal Patient Records (UPR) contracts, alongside the legacy linked contracts. These guardrails place controls on how authorizations can be allocated by providers, ensuring that hours are available throughout a designated period. 

Let’s look at a use case: Imagine you receive a placement from a payer with 600 hours over a six-month period. If you’re not careful, you may run through those 600 hours well before the six-month mark; the payer may prefer the 600 hours to be evenly distributed over the six months. Guardrails provide parameters for how the authorization should be used. 

Office to Office Automation 

Whether a patient changed programs, they moved somewhere new, or there was simply a mistake, sometimes patients need to be switched to a different office within the same agency. Regardless of the reason, when this happens, the patient profile must be moved from the old office portal to the new office portal. Now providers can perform that task without involving HHAeXchange Support.  

Our new feature, Office-to-Office Automation, improves operational efficiencies for agencies by automating patient moves and eliminating manual requests and coordination with our support team. Not only does this give providers more control, but it also means patients can get services faster once they are in the correct office location. 

More Innovation to Come 

As we bid farewell to the summer of 2023, we’re thrilled to unveil these exciting product releases. However, this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for many more innovative solutions and enhancements on the horizon, including the release of our new mobile app HHAeXchange+. All of these enhancements are part of our enduring mission to empower your agency’s success.