About Bryan Skilled Home Care

Bryan Skilled Home Care has been providing care in the home to New Yorkers for over thirty years. Headquartered in Amityville, New York, Bryan serves Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens counties with skilled nurses, home health care aides, and personal care professionals, as well as caring, nurturing, and vital companionship.

Challenge: Homecare Billing and Payroll

Bryan Skilled Home Care Billing & Scheduling Improved with HHAeXchange

Bryan Skilled Home Care was burdened by time-consuming and manual processes while running their growing and busy homecare agency. The inefficiency of managing their manual billing process was causing significant delays in their accounts receivable process, leading the agency to rely on credit lines for sufficient capital to operate the business. Bryan Skilled Home Care wanted a homecare management solution that would help them streamline their processes, increase the speed to bill and collect and enhance their overall business operations.

Solution: All-in-One Homecare Management Platform

The Bryan Skilled Home Care team first implemented HHAeXchange by using its platform for schedule management. HHAeXchange’s scheduling features allowed them to easily match caregivers with clients and create compliant schedules that best align with clients’ needs. The team immediately recognized a substantial improvement in efficiency and a reduction in missed visits as a benefit of utilizing the online scheduling platform.

After such success with the scheduling management tools, the homecare agency then moved their paper and manual billing process over to HHAeXchange.

“I would say the huge time saving benefit overall was when we started using HHAeXchange for billing,” said Bryan Madden, General Counsel at Bryan Skilled Home Care. “That was a major paradigm shift for our agency. It completely changed the dynamic of our office, made us much more operationally efficient, and significantly improved our revenue cycle management process.”

Bryan Skilled Homecare saved $400K end eliminated costly credit lines. What can we do for you?

“Once we were up and running with billing in HHAeXchange, we could see our Days Sales Outstanding decrease dramatically,” said Madden. “It saved us about $400,000 a year once we were able to eliminate the need for costly receivable credit lines. The savings we achieved allowed us to invest in other areas of our business, to help grow the agency, recruit new caregivers, and explore further areas to improve the quality of care we provide on a daily basis.”

In addition to homecare billing and scheduling, Bryan Skilled Home Care has also benefited from using the HHAeXchange mobile app which has allowed them to more efficiently and effectively manage compliance at the caregiver, contract, and visit level and significantly reduce the time needed for reconciling Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). Through the HHAeXchange mobile app, Bryan Skilled Home Care’s caregivers are able to quickly verify visits, log plans of care, provide important feedback, and accept new cases.

“The mobile app is definitely the way to go,” said Madden. “First off, managing EVV via the app is so much more efficient. With caregivers using the app to clock in and clock out, combined with the GPS functionality, it makes the visit data definitive for us, and for the payer. It greatly simplifies the whole EVV process.”

The mobile app also plays an important role in helping the Bryan Skilled Home Care team provide a great culture for caregivers as the mobile app simplifies administrative tasks for caregivers and helps support a great work experience.

“We’ve had great feedback on the mobile app from our caregivers,” Madden said. “Caregivers like that it is fast and simple to clock in and out, do their plan of care – it just eliminates unnecessary paperwork. And they love being able to track their hours and visits on their own and in real-time.”

The greatest benefit of the mobile app for Bryan Skilled Home Care is being an effective tool to enable quality care for clients. The HHAeXchange mobile app provides caregivers quick access to important details and plan of care tasks that allow them to focus on improving the quality of their visits and clients’ care. Looking ahead, Bryan Skilled Home Care is planning to focus even more on the mobile app as a tool to improve care as they look to track value-based metrics, as well.

In the end, when asked if they would recommend HHAeXchange to other agencies, Madden responded, “I would definitely recommend HHAeXchange to other agencies. Homecare is a complex industry. You have caregivers, patients, payers, and what sets HHAeXchange apart is that it incorporates all those pieces together in one place to help you run an efficient business.”