About Jzanus Home Care, Inc.

Jzanus Home Care, Inc. currently serves approximately 600 clients and has been providing homecare services to Long Island and New York City families for over 29 years. Their primary purpose is to enhance the quality of life of their clients by providing easy access to safe and effective care.  

Challenge: Clinical Documentation

Jzanus Home Care, Inc. Uses HHAeXchange Clinical Documentation System

Based in New York, Jzanus Home Care, Inc. is a busy and growing agency that was challenged by a manual clinical documentation process. Clinical documentation is a New York State requirement that providers must meet to get the required authorization of care. Jzanus has a team of registered nurses (RNs) on staff that administer patient onboarding and assessments and record the required clinical documentation on paper clinical forms. Not only was the entire process time-consuming and tedious, but it was also prone to mistakes due to the amount of paperwork and the number of data entry points RNs needed to record. 


To solve their challenge, Jzanus needed a solution that was highly configurable to their needs and state regulations, would be easy-to-use for both administration staff and RNs, and HIPAA compliant. 

Jzanus was already using the HHAeXchange Enterprise platform to manage most of its agency’s operations like scheduling, billing, payroll, compliance, and reporting. Implementing the HHAeXchange Enterprise platform had helped them to streamline their previously manual processes and gain better visibility into their data while also staying compliant, so they looked to HHAeXchange to help them solve their clinical documentation challenge. 

Jzanus Home Care, Inc. reduced errors by 80-90%. What can we do for you?

Jzanus chose to implement the HHAeXchange Clinical Documentation module, an add-on to their Enterprise system. Adding HHAeXchange’s Clinical Documentation module met all their requirements with an easy-to-use interface, custom form builder, and a secure network that allows administrators to set account permissions for HIPAA compliance. The Clinical Documentation module also streamlines their operations as it integrates into Jzanus’ existing HHAeXchange Enterprise platform and empowers them to manage the entire patient workflow and documentation in a single platform. 

Jzanus experienced the benefits and payoff of implementing the Clinical Documentation module right away.  

“We went live in January, so it’s been about four months of using it and we have completely streamlined our process, experienced huge efficiency gains which are continuing to increase, and even bigger than all that, we have nearly eliminated mistakes,” said Polina Savich, Director of Patient Services for Jzanus Home Care, Inc. “We have seen errors reduced by 80-90% on average.” 

And the RN staff at Jzanus is happy with the new tool as well. “The majority of my nurses are over the age of 65 and they find the clinical documentation module extremely easy to use and we have 100% adoption of the solution,” Savich said. “They love it.” 

Savich recommends the Clinical Documentation module to other homecare agencies that are looking to improve their clinical documentation process. “I highly recommend the Clinical Documentation module,” said Savich. “One of the best parts is how configurable it is so it can meet our business needs, is easy for our nurses to work with, and meets state requirements.”