Interview with Alexander Litman

President & CEO, Ideal Home Health

At Ideal Home Health, we dedicate ourselves to providing professional, compassionate care and employing the highest quality home health caregivers in New York. Together, we collaborate to achieve your highest level of independence while providing you with the best quality care available, in the ideal location – at home.

How many patients did Ideal Home Health serve before HHAeXchange, and how many are you serving now?

Back in 2014, before we started with HHAeXchange, our agency served fewer than 10 members. Today, I’m proud to say we have served thousands of New Yorkers.

What are some of the qualities that make Ideal Home Health successful as an agency?

We focus on doing what we do to the best of our abilities. We operate under the belief that the customer is always right. The majority of our caregiver and member referrals come from word of mouth, and we believe this is because our top priority is taking care of people.

We also do our part to ensure our team is happy. Being a caregiver is an incredibly difficult job, as is being a case coordinator and really every role involved in the care management process. It is important to always have strong communication and to utilize the data you have available to you. HHAeXchange allows us to make sure that operations are smooth and efficient, and that everyone is properly supported so they can complete their responsibilities to the best of their ability. We do what we can to simplify the dayto-day, and HHAeXchange helps put that on autopilot for us.

How does HHAeXchange make your and your employees’ work easier?

I’ve done walkthroughs of other software solutions, and you basically have to have a PhD to use them. HHAeXchange, on the other hand, is extremely user-friendly. We’re able to onboard and train users quickly and easily with the software. What I always say is, if you can comfortably use a computer or an iPhone, you can use HHAeXchange.

HHAeXchange makes it easy for us to stay on top of things. It allows us to be proactive and reduces our administrative burden. For example, thanks to HHAeXchange, we’re able to let our coordinators know 60 days in advance when paperwork is about to expire so that they avoid any potential compliance issues before they can even happen.

From a billing and claims standpoint, HHAeXchange makes submitting and managing claims seamless. That’s because the process is as simple as uploading a file into HHAeXchange – the system brings issues to our attention immediately, such as which claim was underpaid and by how much. Now we are literally processing millions of claims without any manual processes as a result of HHAeXchange. It’s hard to believe some agencies still choose to do this manually.

Your agency went from serving fewer than 10 members to serving thousands in only a few years. What role did HHAeXchange play in your agency’s growth?

HHAeXchange has allowed us to automate processes that enable our agency to grow and scale very effectively, while continuing to put quality care first.

Simply put, HHAeXchange assists us in monitoring our patients and ensuring that they’re safe and receiving the care they need. It’s given us full control and visibility over a lot of our operations.

What is your favorite functionality of the HHAeXchange platform and why?

Personally, I love data and statistics. With HHAeXchange’s reporting functionality, we’re able to track key performance indicators to continue improving the care and services we provide to our community.

The reporting functions allow us to be proactive in all aspects of our operations, which leads to positive member outcomes.

Would you recommend HHAeXchange to others?

Absolutely. With the way that the homecare industry is in the year 2021, it is impossible to navigate without a highfunctioning management system. From everything that I’ve seen, and everything that I’ve heard from my colleagues, HHAeXchange is by far the easiest to use and the most efficient platform out there.