Arkansas State Medicaid PASSE

Arkansas State Medicaid PASSE

Provider Portal Questionnaire

EVV and Claims Billing for Arkansas’s State Medicaid PASSEs

Arkansas Total Care and Empower Healthcare Solutions have partnered with HHAeXchange to provide software that allows access to a free EVV system and billing tool for member placement, scheduling, authorization management, communication, and EVV compliance. The free HHAeXchange Portal can be used for all personal care services authorized by Arkansas Total Care and Empower.

The first step in effectively working with either PASSE is to fill out the following questionnaire for your organization. The answers from your questionnaire will allow HHAeXchange to configure your agency’s portal.

What are the key benefits of the HHAeXchange Portal to homecare agencies?

  • FREE Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) tools

  • Open Model EDI Integration with 3rd Party EVV Vendors

  • Real-time, two-way messaging with each PASSE

  • Receive recipient demographics, authorizations, and plan of care electronically

  • Pre-bill scrubbing to ensure clean claims and accelerate revenue cycle

Your Agency’s Billing Options

Option 1, Free HHAeXchange EVV: Our agency wants to use HHAeXchange’s free EVV system, provided by the PASSE. Great! If you’ve indicated that you’d like to use HHAeXchange’s free EVV system, the contact person listed on your questionnaire will receive more information in the coming weeks on how to set up your agency’s 800 numbers, upload caregivers into the HHAeXchange Portal, and begin processing EVV and claims.

Option 2, Use my Current EVV System: Our agency has an existing EVV system that we’d like to keep. It’s simple to connect your existing EVV system to the PASSE through the HHAeXchange Portal. Ensure that you’ve completed the questionnaire, and the HHAeXchange EDI Integrations Team – – will coordinate with you to create an interface to process your existing EVV visits and claims. Please note: Authenticare does not allow use of their use of their EVV system for PASSE members.

Additional Information

For Additional information regarding the HHAeXchange system, please review the Frequently Asked Questions document or reach out to HHAeXchange support,

Important Dates

AR DHS has announced that all claims must be submitted through an EVV system on or before 12/1/2022.

Please click here to access the full announcement from Arkansas DHS.