Minnesota Provider Information Center

Minnesota Provider Information Center

Provider Portal Questionnaire

Electronic Visit Verification Solution for the Minnesota Department of Human Services

Minnesota Department of Human Services is using knowledge gained from the first two EVV launches to help develop policies and guidance to ensure providers are able to meet EVV compliance. Providers of services that have launched for in-scope EVV services need to complete the EVV onboarding process and begin using their EVV system now.

We know providers, caregivers and members need time to onboard to the EVV system they selected and that it will take time for EVV to become routine. We are not enforcing compliance that will result in claim denials or reversals in 2023. We will monitor EVV usage and utilization until we publish compliance requirements to ensure you are prepared before being required to meet the compliance requirements. We are required to report quarterly usage to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to identify providers not using an EVV system. We will provide technical assistance to providers identified in the reports as we move towards compliance requirements. We will publish a timeline of compliance thresholds for providers on the Electronic visit verification webpage in advance of the compliance requirements effective date to help providers meet compliance requirements.

The first step will be to fill out the Provider Enrollment Form listed below as you are identifying yourself as a Minnesota DHS provider. If you provide both Personal Care Services and Financial Management Services, please fill out both surveys. If you have already filled out the PCS survey, please be sure to complete again.

Selecting an EVV solution that fits your provider agency

This questionnaire is designed to capture information about your provider agency necessary for Minnesota DHS along with HHAeXchange as part of the effort to implement methods of collecting and reporting EVV compliant data for all personal care services related to Minnesota DHS. Below you will find more information on each method of EVV data collection.

Your provider agency plays a vital role in the success of our EVV program.  As part of your participation with Minnesota DHS, you have multiple options provided to you to ensure EVV compliance:

Important Dates

  • Phase 1: Financial management services (FMS) for personal care services (CDCS and CSG) launched in June 2022

  • Phase 2: Remaining personal care service providers:

    • Wave 1: November 11, 2022

    • Wave 2: December 12, 2022

  • Phase 3: Managed care organizations at the beginning of 2023 

  • Phase 4: Home health services before the end of calendar year 2023