New Jersey DMAHS-Personal Care Services

New Jersey DMAHS-Personal Care Services

Provider Portal Questionnaire

Bringing the 21st Century Cures Act across New Jersey

*Please note, if you are looking for Information regarding Phase 2 and Home Health within New Jersey, please visit the New Jersey Home Health Information Center Page

New Jersey DMAHS has partnered with HHAeXchange as their EVV Aggregation solution to ensure the provider community complies with the Cures Act Mandate requirements. The HHAeXchange solution will focus on collecting and reporting EVV compliant data for all personal care services for the New Jersey Family Care program. As part of the New Jersey Family Care EVV program initiative, we will need to gather more information from your provider agency.

The first step will be to fill out the New Jersey Family Care program Provider Portal Survey found below.

Provider Portal Questionnaire

Selecting an EVV solution that fits your provider agency

This questionnaire is designed to capture information about your provider agency necessary for New Jersey DMAHS and New Jersey Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), as part of the effort to implement methods of collecting and reporting EVV compliant data for all personal care services.

We understand that each MCO has offered their own solution to participating providers and you may already have an enterprise EVV solution in place  to help you be compliant. In connection with all New Jersey MCOs and the New Jersey Family Care program, this survey will allow us to understand your choice for EVV data collection and provide the best viable option for your agency. Below you will find more information on each method of EVV data collection.

Your provider agency plays a vital role in the success of our EVV program.  As part of your participation with New Jersey Family Care, you have multiple options provided to you to ensure EVV compliance:

  • Option 1 – Use your existing EVV system or a system you intend to implement by January 1 to collect and report to each plan and/or to DMAHS

  • Option 2 – Use Free EVV tools provided by each Health Plan (HHAeXchange for WellCare, Aetna, UHC* and Fee-for-Service members; CareBridge for Horizon and Amerigroup members) *pending finalization of SOW and risk assessment

  • Option 3 – Use the Free EVV tools provided by DMAHS (HHAeXchange) to collect and report visit data for all members regardless of Health Plan or Fee-for-Service.

Important Updates

Provider Information Sessions below: 

  • Go-Live date for all Providers: December 14th, 2020

  • EVV Mandate for Personal Care Services: January 1, 2021

Important Rate Change Information on behalf of NJ DMAHS: Effective January 1, 2022 as per the State of NJ Dept of Human Services Newsletter, rates paid to Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Provider agencies will increase by $1.00, from an hourly rate of $22.00 to $23.00. Please ensure you update the rates in the HHAX Provider Portal to reflect the rate change as of January 1, 2022.

To enter the new rates:

  • Go to Admin> Contract Setup > Search Contract

  • Search and select the desired Payer Contract Name

  • Select the Billing Rates tab

  • Click the Edit link, update the To Date for the current rate to 12/31/2021, and click Save

  • Click the New Rate button, and add the new PCA Discipline Rate for each Service Code impacted (entering a From Date of 1/1/2022)

    • *Please Note: Do not select the “Update Rate” button!

The appropriate rate will be applied to the service performed based on the date of service.

For any additional questions please contact HHAX Client Support at