AZ Billing was created with a twofold goal – providing a mission critical financial service at a price point that allows clients to grow while focusing on their north star – quality patient care.

Overview & Key Features

In Volter Dalzon’s decade in the healthcare industry, and 8+ years using the HHAeXchange platform, there was one question that stood above all others – how can we bill effectively? From LHCSAS to CDPAP agencies, this question was a part of almost every professional interaction for him. Tasked with improving these very metrics at his family’s Home Care Agency, he used his IT background to develop airtight processes and procedures, creating a department that consistently achieved a return rate over 99%. As the Covid-19 pandemic squeezed homecare margins tighter than ever, Volter decided he would use the skills he’d developed to help the industry as a whole. AZ Billing services include:

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Financial Wellness Audit
  • Payer Management
  • HHAeXchange Platform Training
  • Special projects
  • Technology Implementation (Onboarding of HHAX)
  • Data Migration
  • PMPM Reconciliations
  • Collections