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Bolt Healthcare

The Bolt Homecare App is an industry leading solution that streamlines all agency operations prior to start of care, allowing for increased revenue and profits.

Overview & Key Features

The Bolt Homecare App Optimizes & Streamlines the entire process from Referral –> On Service by putting Business Development, Intake, HR, & Administrations on the same page.

  • Customizable Intake Workflow Platform:  

    • Our Intake Workflow platform allows each agency to run an unlimited number of custom workflows that will keep your intake department running at full speed. With a built-in personalized dashboard, detailed follow-up system, real-time notifications, and automated reporting, you can prevent cases from falling through the cracks and cut down your “time to start of care” significantly, thereby increasing profits.  

  • Online Application & Application Tracking:  

    • End-to-end Caregiver Applicant Tracking System allows your caregivers to apply online, fill out and sign the entire application packet remotely from a mobile phone or computer. Your Recruitment and HR teams get access to advanced dashboards, customizable checklists, real-time alerts, and a follow-up system to help manage all pending caregivers prior to hire. Hire caregivers easier, faster, and with fewer staff than ever before.  

  • Built In E-sign & Automatic PDF generation: 

    • With the Bolt App’s dynamic files, you can easily and automatically create PDFs such as referral forms, health forms or caregiver applications using patient and caregiver information already entered into Bolt, now even more powerful with fully integrated e-signature capabilities. All files are autosaved to the patient or caregiver’s profile – helping your agency go paperless.  

  • Deep Integration with HHAeXchange API: 

    • As an HHAeXchange partner, we have built a deep integration using the API. We connect with both the patient & caregiver sides to allow for a seamless creation of patient and caregiver profiles directly from the Bolt App.  

  • Business Development CRM & Calendar:  

    • The Bolt App gives your business development team the tools and data they need to be successful. With native iPhone and Android mobile apps, your marketers will have real-time access to: referral source scoring, synced calendars, and a full-featured CRM that will help management and administration efficiently manage and support the business development team.