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CareConnect is a modern HR workforce management platform that helps home health care agencies accomplish more in less time.

Overview & Key Features

CareConnect’s suite of solutions makes it easy to acquire, onboard, place, train, and retain caregivers – on any device, at any time. All solutions easily integrate with existing tools so agencies can work smarter, increase efficiency, reduce manual errors, simplify complex scheduling, and optimize caregiver matching. Better consistency leads to better outcomes.  

  • A single point of access to acquire, hire, train, schedule, and manage staff. 

  • Custom applicant tracking system to attract quality talent, begin the relationship sooner, and follow applicants from application to employment. 

  • Live two-way chat and HIPAA-compliant communication allowing agencies to communicate with their caregivers in an increasingly remote world. 

  • Easy, one-stop Mobile Health appointment scheduling of all pre-employment and compliance exams for faster worker screening and clearance, often in one to two days.