Caribou Rewards is an automated staff incentives platform that uses gamification to increase your agency’s billable hours and improve staff performance. Agencies using Caribou Rewards have seen a 5-25% annual increase in billable hours, a 50% increase in mobile EVV rates, and improvements in retention and performance.

Overview & Key Features

Solving the caregiver shortage involves helping care organizations become exceptional employers. Over the long run, employers who offer the best caregiver experience will be most successful.

Improving the caregiver experience has two profound impacts on the industry:

  1. It makes existing workers happier and less likely to leave
  2. It makes the industry more attractive to new talent

Staff who receive regular, small rewards are eight times more engaged than those who receive annual bonuses.

Watch How HHAeXchange Works With Caribou Rewards

Why Integrate with Caribou Rewards:

Recruitment: Generate more staff referrals with a unique rewards structure and simple user experience. Give staff points instantly for filling your candidate funnel. Trigger larger rewards when those referrals are retained long-term.

Retention: Ensure caregivers feel recognized for going above-and-beyond, without over-burdening office staff. Make caregivers feel like part of the family and motivate them to hit retention milestones.

Performance: Easily communicate and incentivize the behaviors you value. Reward staff for strong EVV compliance, working more hours, taking “hard to fill” shifts, and more.

Automatic Workflows: Caribou integrates with HHAeXchange to automate rewards and take the burden away from office staff. This leads to timely and consistent incentives that caregivers can depend on, differentiating you from their other employers.

Hear From Caribou Clients

Caribou has been a total game-changer for us at VNS Health Personal Care. We’ve seen an immediate impact on performance. The product was stress-free to implement, and the team is fantastic to work with. Caribou really understands the home care industry, it’s clear in every conversation, and it shows in how the product was built. I think Caribou is going to become the industry standard very soon!

Jim Rolla
VNS Health Personal Care

Finally! A fun, easy, and convenient way to reward and incentivize our valued home care workers. We have seen immediate results with Caribou Rewards Program. Home Care workers are eager to go above and beyond, knowing they will be rewarded. It is wonderful working with the Caribou team, who is responsive, helpful, and goal-oriented.

Esther Mamonov
Supervisor of Coordination, At Home Solutions