DailyPay is the leading on-demand pay benefit that provides your employees the flexibility to receive instant access to their earned pay, enabling them to pay bills on time and build savings for unexpected expenses – all before a scheduled payday.

Overview & Key Features

DailyPay’s on-demand pay platform goes beyond instant access to earnings to provide a frictionless, digital pay experience that strengthens the employee-employer bond. 

  • Employees
    • PAY: Eliminates the uncertainty associated with a paycheck and gives employees 100% access to earned income when they need it, and the ability to plan – before payday arrives. Non-cash tips & gratuities can also be made instantly available. 
    • SAVE: Encourages employees to save by offering three free ways to set aside their earnings before payday, and start building a savings safety net. 
  • Employers
    • CYCLE:  Allows employers to manage off-cycle payroll payments to a single employee or multiple employees at the same time – instantly and digitally. 
    • REWARD: Enables employers to send spot bonus award payments and company-paid incentives to their employees. Recognize a job well done, or offer an incentive to cover undesirable shifts.