Solution Synergy Across the Care Continuum

Overview & Key Features 

Recruitment – In today’s competitive hiring environment, the most qualified front-line workers are on the job market for less than three days before receiving an offer. To stand a chance, you have to be one of the first companies to connect and make a job offer. Pre·Intent is an automated outreach and engagement platform that makes that possible by allowing you to connect, qualify, interview, and hire top caregivers faster than humanly possible. 

Retention – Up to 40% of post-acute care employees leave within the first 100 days. At an average cost of $2,700 to replace each one, some providers are spending tens of thousands of dollars each year. Retain is the ultimate solution for reducing employee turnover, especially during the first 100 days when the risk is at its peak. By completing just one Retain survey, your employees’ likelihood of separation is cut in half. When coupled with proactive engagement from post-acute care managers, individual turnover rates drop by an impressive 65%. 

Training – Getting caregivers to routinely engage in training is difficult when the curriculum is dry and the platform is complicated. But meeting compliance and delivering exceptional care depend on participation. HCP Training gives you the tools to improve engagement and build skills with interesting courses (CE and non-CE) and resources, specialist learning paths, participation awards and badges, and a variety of additional benefits tailored to professionals across the care continuum.  

Quality and Growth – Building your business requires positive outcomes, satisfied customers, and a solid reputation. But capturing the data needed to identify problems and capitalize on opportunities takes a huge toll on your time and resources. HCP’s satisfaction surveysreputation management support, and Great Place to Work awards work together to capture customer sentiment, identify blind spots, turn negatives into award-winning positives, and let the public know about it. 

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