HCP leads the post-acute care industry in experience management, training, and reputation management. Through its Care Intelligence Platform and recent acquisitions of Activated Insights and Pinnacle Quality Insight, HCP empowers providers to attract and retain employees during workforce shortages, while improving care outcomes.

Overview & Key Features 

HCP optimizes businesses, drives growth, and enables post-acute care companies to achieve their goals. As your partner in post-acute care success, we can help you become the business customers brag about, and where employees compete to work.  With HCP, organizations can:  

  • Support quality care outcomes with HCP Training: Level-up your training, meet compliance standards, and improve care outcomes with a more effective training program. With HCP Training, you get 500+ RN-developed courses, compliance training, and ongoing/specialty training with learning ladders.  
  • Strengthen their employer brand with the Great Place to Work certification: Now all businesses offering post-acute care will be able to apply for the Great Place to Work certification to strengthen their employer brand. Those that achieve the Great Place to Work certification see +20% employee applicants, increased customer/employee referrals, and improved employee retention.  
  • Learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about their business. Then take action with HCP Experience Management: As a business owner, you can’t be everywhere—but with HCP’s customer/employee feedback surveys, you can know exactly what’s going on throughout your business. 
  • Keep your employees engaged and on the job with Retain: Retain is the ultimate solution for reducing employee turnover rates, especially during the first 100 days when the risk is at its peak. By completing just one survey, your employees’ likelihood of separation is cut in half. When coupled with proactive engagement from post-acute care managers, individual turnover rates drop by an impressive 65% 
  • Take control of your online reputation with HCP Reputation Management: Generate and manage reviews from across the internet. Attract more customers and job candidates. Grow your business. 

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