Helping your caregivers maintain their health and compliance requirements.

Overview & Key Features

NY Best Medical Care, PC, is an accredited private medical practice providing quality care for a wide variety of home care agency needs. Our services range from employment physical exams, vaccinations (such as TB and MMR boosters), to drug testing and telehealth services.  

  • As a practice that specializes in pre-employment physical examinations, NY Best Medical Care performs all testing for your employees including but not limited to: TB testing, blood titers, drug testing (or chain of custody drug test), and complete physicals with all vital signs. An annual physical examination includes PPD, drug test (chain of custody drug test), and complete physical with vital signs. However, a pre-employment or an annual physical consists of what your agency will require and is customizable based on your needs. 
  • In the event a patient should need an influenza (flu) shot, NY Best Medical has them available. All physical results can be emailed or faxed. We also have a portal that the agency has full access to where they can view their patients’ or caregivers’ completed forms.
    • 24 – 48 hour turnaround time on all services 
    • Same day appointments for all needs 
    • Telehealth services for patients and caregivers 
    • DOH, M11Q, CFEEC and all other home care forms are completed via telehealth 
    • TBQ Risk Assessments 
    • Compliance services/maintenance 
    • Services provided include: pre-employment and annual caregiver physicals; PPD/Quantifiron; drug screenings; flu shots; booster vaccinations including MMR, TB and Hep. B; MMR titers/Hep B titers; and COVID-19 testing.