Perry is a workforce transformation company dedicated to building good jobs in healthcare. Built by data scientists and engineers, Perry improves caregiver productivity, word-of-mouth referrals and loyalty through performance-tied incentives.

Perry’s precision solutions are crafted to transform healthcare companies into hubs of productivity, revenue generation and engineered success. In just 3 months of working with Perry, agencies have seen:

  • 33% increase in 28-day rolling retention rate = less turnover and happier caregivers
  • 450% increase in new hire referrals = more caregivers to fulfill demand
  • 20% increase in open shifts picked up = more billable hours
  • 40% increase in EVV compliance = better patient quality of care

Key Features

Perry Points
Caregivers earn Points for providing exceptional care. Boost productivity, retention and utilization with performance-tied rewards called Perry Points. Employees can redeem Points at over 50 stores like Walmart, Amazon and Target. It’s a win-win.

Perry Social
Transform each caregiving moment into a rewarding journey through Perry Social. Share important updates, instantly recognize top performers, and build stronger connections to motivate your caregivers. Best of all: broadcast your open shifts to the social network to capture easy revenue opportunities.

Perry Recruit
Transform your internal referral budget into Perry Points. Galvanize your staff to recruit on your behalf. Companies that use Perry Recruit typically enjoy over 4x more internal referrals of qualified, interested candidates.

Perry Analytics
Track key metrics such as caregiver visits, real-time sentiment billable hours and workforce surveys through our EMR, ATS and HRIS integrations. Ensure you’re always informed and ready to act when an employee is at risk of quitting. Perry’s best-in-class Customer Success team is available 24/7 to train and support your team as needed.