Perry is a caregiver incentive program that increases caregiver productivity, utilization, and retention while also improving quality of care for patients.

Perry Key Features:  

  • Improve retention and caregiver gratification through instant recognition
  • Have less call-outs and better compliance through micro-rewards redeemable from 60+ merchants
  • Incentivize your caregivers to become internal recruiting champions
  • See actionable insights from 50+ data points, like caregiver visits, real-time sentiment via EMR integration and pulse surveys
  • Get ahead of caregiver burnout and low morale to reduce turnover

Perry will help you, on average, save $350K in turnover costs, increase your caregivers billable hours by 20%, and get 4.5x more hires from internal referrals. Don’t take our word for it, we have a 100% net promoter score across the board!

In just 3 months of working with Perry, agencies have seen:

  • 33% increase in 28-day rolling retention rate = less turnover and happier caregivers
  • 450% increase in new hire referrals = more caregivers to fulfill demand
  • 20% increase in open shifts picked up = more billable hours
  • 40% increase in EVV compliance = better patient quality of care