WorkMarket, an ADP Company, is a platform that helps companies onboard, verify, manage and pay their contingent workers (contractors, 1099’s, freelancers) efficiently and compliantly.

WorkMarket allows your homecare agency to gain visibility into your freelance workforce to mitigate risks, control labor costs, and plan more accurately for your current and future business needs.

WorkMarket puts your entire contingent workforce in one place, eliminating manual tasks by automating processes from onboarding through payment. Features include:

  • Onboarding experience designed for 1099s and vendors
  • Automated verification of U.S. tax information, such as SSN or FEIN, with the IRS
  • Mitigate compliance risks
  • Organize contractors in groups based on skillset, location, certifications, licenses, and more
  • Flexible payment options according to your terms, even as fast as the same day
  • Ability to upload a payment file directly into the platform, reducing manual errors
  • Automated preparation and filing of your 1099-NECs with the IRS

Watch How WorkMarket Helps Homecare Agencies