Homecare Technology Leader Launches HHAeXchange Partner Connect, Forming an Ecosystem for Customers to Directly Integrate with Solution Providers.

New York – April 15, 2021 – HHAeXchange (“HHAX” or “the Company”), the leading provider of homecare management solutions for payers, providers, and state Medicaid agencies, today announced the launch of Partner Connect, a new partner community built exclusively on the HHAeXchange platform.

Partner Connect offers an online marketplace that empowers HHAeXchange customers with direct integrations to industry-leading solution providers that enhance agency operations and improve caregiver satisfaction.

The HHAeXchange homecare agency platform is a comprehensive SaaS platform for the delivery of advanced business, operational, and financial management technology to the rapidly expanding home and community-based services (HCBS) market.

Now, with Partner Connect, HHAeXchange customers can select from a variety of solution providers, such as eLearning, patient intake, and financial solutions, and integrate directly with those partners through their HHAeXchange instance.

With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating awareness and expansion of home-based care as well as the increase of mobile-based EVV tools and technology, HCBS providers need the right partners and technologies to support a growing population of members.

Using HHAeXchange Partner Connect, customers can instantly connect with leading solution providers and rapidly build or change business practices and workflows.

“Since HHAeXchange was founded, our customers’ success and growth has been the leading focus for the Company. With Partner Connect, we are further supporting our clients and their ability to grow with best-in-class solutions that complement and integrate directly in the HHAeXchange solution suite,” said Stephen Vaccaro, President of HHAeXchange. “This is the next step in the evolution of HHAeXchange to ensure the offerings created by our community of partners meet and exceed customer expectations.”

HHAeXchange Partner Connect also helps its partners gain exposure to thousands of HCBS providers and caregivers across the nation that are looking for innovative solutions for their business needs.

The Company’s inaugural group of partners to be offered in HHAeXchange Partner Connect are:

  • Bolt Healthcare
  • CareConnect
  • DailyPay
  • LINK
  • Nevvon
  • WOTC.com

HHAeXchange Partner Connect is continuously adding new partners. If you are interested in learning more about the HHAeXchange Partner Connect program, click here.

Kaitlin Olcott, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing, HHAeXchange
(332) 910-9325
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About HHAeXchange

Founded in 2008, HHAeXchange is the leading technology platform for homecare and self-direction program management. Developed specifically for Medicaid home and community-based services (HCBS), HHAeXchange connects state agencies, managed care organizations, providers, and caregivers through its intuitive web-based platform, enabling unparalleled communication, transparency, efficiency, and compliance. For more information, visit hhaexchange.com or follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.