New business intelligence tools empower homecare agencies and payers with unparalleled visibility into the health of their business.

New York – April 30, 2018 – HHAeXchange, the leader in homecare management software for payers and providers, today announced the release of its new business intelligence dashboard, Discover. Discover is the industry’s first advanced analytics tool that provides clients with actionable operational and business insights based on their own data. Using Discover, providers and payers can move beyond day-to-day tasks to drive better-informed business decisions that help reduce costs and increase revenue.

“For more than a decade, HHAeXchange has been a valuable technology partner, helping homecare providers and payers run efficient and cost-effective operations while improving patient outcomes,” said Greg Strobel, President and CEO of HHAeXchange. “As part of our mission to deliver industry-leading solutions to our customers, we are extending our platform even further with Discover.”

Discover gives state governments, managed care organizations, and other payers a window into their provider network with real-time monitoring tools.  As a result, payers can more effectively interact with their network providers for increased workflow efficiency and compliance.

On the other hand, Discover also delivers a new level of business intelligence for homecare providers.  As the industry continues to grow, homecare providers continue to process ever-increasing volumes of data around authorizations, scheduling, EVV, compliance, and claims, making it very difficult to sort through this information and identify trends and opportunities for growth. Leveraging state-of-the-art Sisense technology, HHAeXchange’s Discover is a real-time business intelligence suite that highlights the key performance indicators (KPIs) agencies need to make better-informed business decisions.

HHAeXchange’s Discover filters this data for agencies and provides advanced reports and widgets that give agencies a 30,000-foot view of their business, while also allowing them to drill-down and visualize data in key areas of their business. Daily, weekly, and monthly trend analysis is available by coordinator, office, branch, location, and team.

Discover provides insights into the following metrics:

  • EVV Compliance and Aide Timeliness
  • Authorizations
  • Missed Visits, Short Visits, etc.
  • Billing Trends
  • HR and Caregiver Compliance
  • Payroll

To learn more about how HHAeXchange’s Discover can transform your business, visit

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