Whether you’re a small homecare agency trying to gain confidence and control over your new business, an established agency looking to build a thriving operation, or a larger enterprise looking for a partner that can create efficiencies, HHAeXchange has solutions to help you meet your goals. 

HHAeXchange provides homecare agencies with the tools to help them solve their most pressing challenges and ultimately provide better care.  But what does that mean for the provider, and how can agencies at different stages of growth use these tools? Here we explore how agencies in any stage of their business journey can effectively use the different HHAeXchange software solutions.  

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For the Agency Gaining Confidence and Control 
For the Established Agency Looking to Grow A Thriving Business
For the Agency Looking to Scale and Gain a Competitive Edge 

You’re new on the scene, and chances are you’re looking for the basics. You need homecare software that will get you up and running, help you meet all federal and state compliance requirements, and is easy to use.   

HHAeXchange is an all-in-one homecare management technology that providers can use for electronic visit verification (EVV) and to manage their daily business activities like scheduling and billing. It is a great option for someone looking to get their homecare business off the ground. Let’s dive into some of the main functions a newer homecare provider might find most useful. 

As part of the Cures Act, caregiver visits must be electronically verified. With HHAeXchange, not only are providers able to meet these compliance requirements, but with flexible EVV methods including our GPS mobile app, telephony, and FOB devices, providers can make it easy for their caregivers. With the caregiver mobile app, once caregivers log in, they can quickly verify visits, log plans of care, provide important feedback, accept new cases, communicate with your agency, and more. 

Additionally, providers can say goodbye to time-consuming manual errors, quickly address missed or late visits, and spot and fix performance issues. 

EVV Clocking In and Out

While the importance of EVV compliance is well known, it isn’t the only regulatory requirement for non-medical homecare providers. HHAeXchange also provides essential tools that help manage caregiver, HR, HIPAA, and billing requirements. Agencies can automate exclusion list checks, store and manage vital documents securely, and receive timely compliance notifications to stay on top of caregiver compliance. The platform’s pre-billing function ensures accurate invoicing by verifying all necessary requirements, keeping your claims compliant. Additionally, HHAeXchange offers role-based permissions and HIPAA-compliant communication to protect patient privacy and prevent data breaches. With these features, agencies can focus on delivering quality care while maintaining robust compliance standards, whether they are just starting or looking to streamline their operations. 

Just because it’s technology software, doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated! The HHAeXchange platform was built to be easy to use, and it was designed specifically for homecare. And the best part is, providers don’t have to do it alone. Starting a homecare business is already overwhelming, but the HHAeXchange team is here to make sure that getting your software set up isn’t. When you use the Enterprise solution, the implementation team guides you through the onboarding process, and there’s an abundance of resources available at your disposal, from our knowledge base to HHAeXchange University training. But don’t just take our word for it, hear it from one of our customers!  

HHAeXchange is extremely user-friendly. We’re able to onboard and train users quickly and easily with the software. What I always say is, if you can comfortably use a computer or an iPhone, you can use HHAeXchange.

Alexander Litman
Executive Director, Ideal Home Health

We offer the only homecare management software that seamlessly connects providers, state Medicaid programs, managed care organizations (MCOs), and caregivers through one platform. This connection breaks down barriers and enables unparalleled efficiency, communication, transparency, and compliance. Yet, the platform allows agencies to do so much more than communicate effectively. Within the HHAeXchange platform, providers can manage clients and caregivers, and automate time-consuming duties like scheduling, billing, and payroll. For new providers who are just starting their business, having the ability to manage their day-to-day responsibilities by logging into one platform can save them precious time, and prevent costly errors caused by doing work manually or housing data in multiple locations.  

You’ve got some experience under your belt and you’re ready to start scaling your homecare business. Right now, you wear a lot of hats, but as your census grows it’s important to start thinking about how to streamline your business, create efficiencies, limit manual administrative tasks, and increase your revenue. The following tools on the HHAeXchange platform will be critical to your success.   

Scheduling can take hours—time that most providers don’t have. With HHAeXchange, providers can streamline the scheduling process to save time, shave operational costs, and set the team up for success. Faced with frequent last-minute open shifts? With the HHAeXchange, agencies can easily broadcast open shifts and match caregivers and clients based on authorizations, plans of care, and caregiver and patient needs/preferences. Plus, with our rules-based engine, schedulers will be alerted in the case of scheduling overlaps, unnecessary overtime, vacation conflicts, caregiver non-compliance, or missed training.   

The HHAeXchange software makes it easy to create, manage, and automate schedules so that providers get hours back each week to spend on the activities where they are needed most.  

Homecare agencies who are still processing payroll and billing manually are not only losing hours, and potentially days, to this timely task, but they are also setting themselves up for potential errors. For providers who are looking to scale their business, it’s critical that they optimize their day-to-day business operations.   

With the HHAeXchange platform, providers can tap into a single source of the truth to keep payroll simple, accurate, and on time.   

  • Automatically aggregate and download hours from mobile EVV check-ins for upload to the payroll provider of your choice  
  • Keep payroll simple and accurate with real-time, verified hours  
  • Easily flag, tag, and correct payroll issues before you submit payroll  
  • Download payroll data by discipline, overtime, category, and contract.  

HHAeXchange’s pre-billing module is a real-time, rules-based engine that ensures providers submit 100% compliant, clean claims. The module prevents providers from submitting claims that do not pass all of the pre-bill edits. As a result, caregivers and patients can also gain insight into the non-compliant status of a service visit. With HHAeXchange’s billing module, providers can:

  • Automate invoicing by location, team, and contract type  
  • Get an instant snapshot of outstanding bills and potential payment problems  
  • Simplify the claims submission process without losing sight of the details  
  • Slice and dice outstanding invoice data by location, team, contract, due date, and more  
  • Flag potential payment problems with individual payers  

Many homecare agencies may find that once they start trying to grow their business, the challenges they face become more nuanced. Things like caregiver retention and recruitment, workplace experience, and various compliance regulations might quickly consume their time and energy. This is why we’ve created the Partner Connect program. This program enables customers to directly connect their HHAeXchange platform to other industry-leading solutions that specialize in services that are complementary to HHAeXchange. From eLearning and earned wage access, to human resources and health screening, Partner Connect empowers agencies to enhance every aspect of their operations. Whether they need solutions that specialize in caregiver retention or medical compliance, with Partner Connect providers can benefit from having everything they need all in one place.  

Your business is already a success, but now you are looking to take it to the next stage of growth. To do this, you must be focused on more than just daily business operations. You need to be thinking of ways to optimize your business with insightful reporting, improved caregiver retention and recruitment, and forward-thinking functionality. HHAeXchange has the tools your agency needs to reach your growth goals. 

Raw data isn’t going to help providers make business decisions, but with the right context, they can turn that data into actionable insights. With the HHAeXchange Insights dashboards, providers can uncover real-time data insights that help them make smarter decisions that improve efficiency and grow their business. Providers can choose from over 200 reports on profitability, accounts receivable trends, caregiver performance, plan of care adherence, and much more. 

Our solution also helps you tackle your biggest business concerns, like caregiver turnover. With the HHAeXchange platform you’ll be able to better attract, develop, and retain the best caregivers by giving them tools that simplify stressful tasks, strengthen their job satisfaction, and allow them to focus on delivering quality care.    

Caregivers choose their career because they care about their clients. In fact, 80% of caregivers indicated that the impact they have on patient health and well-being is their number one motivator. But if providers don’t build a work culture that rewards caregivers for their hard work and offers them tools to enable better care for their patients, they will not be able to keep those caregivers at their agency. With HHAeXchange, providers can alleviate the stressful, tedious parts of the job that drain caregivers and rob them of the passion they have for their patients.   

The HHAeXchange mobile app gives caregivers the flexibility to easily manage their schedules, voice their preferences, and raise their hands for new assignments. They can execute EVV quickly and accurately, complete training at their convenience, and report what they see on the ground to improve client outcomes.   

The team at HHAeXchange is here to be a partner to our customers, and our solution is built to meet providers where they’re at in their journey and help them streamline and grow. Whether their needs are as simple as EVV compliance, or as complex as creating a world-class workplace experience for their caregivers, HHAeXchange can help them meet their goals.  

To see the HHAeXchange platform in action and learn more about the products we offer, including ones not listed here, request a demo today! 

I don’t look at HHAeXchange as a software that we bought out of the box – I look at HHAeXchange as a partner in my business.

Charles Blumstein

Chief Executive Officer, Edison Home Health Care