The Art of Running a Cost-Effective Homecare Agency

We’re spilling the secrets to effective cost management for homecare agencies.

As a homecare agency, you’re always on the hunt for strategies to become more cost-effective. However, with inflation, turnover, and rising caregiver salaries, this can be quite challenging.

Hear from two homecare professionals–Penny Fore, Vice President at Ability360, and Chelsea Garcia, Director of Business Operations at Ability360–on how they keep costs down for their agency. Learn how they saved half a million dollars in just one year, the metrics they use to proactively spot issues and make fast corrections, and much more.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Which processes you can automate to save hours (and even days) of staff time
  • What you can start doing today to cut costs
  • Tips for evaluating tech vendors to set your agency up for success