Executive Dashboards to Fuel Informed Decisions in Your Homecare Agency

Having the data is one thing, turning the data into powerful decision making is what differentiates the future growth of agencies. Using HHAeXchange, you can choose from over 200 reports on profitability, accounts receivable trends, caregiver performance, plan of care adherence, and much more.



Your Data is Trying to Tell You Something, but You Don’t Have Time to Listen

Homecare agency owners and administrators are often so busy with the day-to-day requirements of running a business that it’s hard to find time to dig into their own data. Yet, the many workflows running in the background are gathering valuable data points about your agency.

These data points, in context, can shape critical decisions for the future of your agency. Unfortunately, with so much focus on presenting the data in entirety by itself, there is no pinpointing of areas that need attention. It’s a little like looking for a needle in a digital haystack!


Turn Reports into Business Intelligence

HHAeXchange provides industry-leading homecare business intelligence and reporting capabilities so agencies can automatically pull the reports they need to highlight problem areas and ensure the health of their business. Our platform offers a transparent view of agency operations across the entire organization.


Find the Needle in the Data Haystack to Drive Your Agency Forward

With HHAeXchange, your agency can:

  • Dig deeper and easily compare performance with local-level reporting by branch, office, and staff
  • Customize reporting based on the format of your choosing
  • Automate scheduling and delivery of reports to certain individuals and groups
  • Provide leadership with reports that translate to simplicity and making data-informed decisions

Analytics Features within HHAeXchange

HHAeXchange provides advanced analytics to uncover real-time data insights that help you make smarter decisions that improve efficiency and grow your business.

HHAeXchange’s business insights reporting helps you know more about how your agency is performing, so you can run smarter and faster.

  • Highlights key performance indicators
  • Provides advanced reports and widgets
  • Gives you a 30,000-foot view of your business while allowing you to drill down and visualize data in key areas

Gain Valuable Metrics


Billing Trends


EVV Compliance and Aide Timelines

Missed Visits, Short Visits, etc.

HR and Caregiver Compliance

See how HHAeXchange can work for you.