Streamline & Expand Your Self-Direction Program


Streamline & Expand Your Self-Direction Program

Optimize your operations with FMS engine.

Featured Product: FMS Engine

FMS Engine is the leading cloud-based software designed to power your self-direction operations.

Developed with the rules built right in and configured for your state and program-specific regulations, FMS Engine helps you manage compliance.

Intuitive and role-based, FMS Engine puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your organization’s security and accessibility by allowing you to give as much or as little access to each team member, based on their assigned role.

FMS Engine Boosts Your Operations in 6 Key Areas:


Expedite participants’ and new hires’ onboarding with customizable workflows.

Self-Service Portal​

View data in real-time and move from paper to digital forms with electronic signatures.


Create and manage participant budgets based on the client rules, and evaluate received timesheets and invoices against budgets.

E-Timesheets, Invoices & EVV​

Easily clock-in and clock-out and capture data needed for EVV requirements.


Manage electronic billing and payment reconciliation across multiple payers and programs with streamlined workflows. Prevent incomplete or ineligible claims from being processed with automated claims scrubbing and eligibility checks.


Track all customer service activity so staff can easily view all related communications.

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